Trendy denim is the best way to take your wardrobe to another level. But the sad fact is, sometimes we just don't have enough time — or closet space — to play around with ALL of them.

So why not let the stars decide? We've picked out the freshest, coolest denim trends and will use our mystical horoscope powers to determine which trends you absolutely *must* try.

Read on to find your best match.

Capricorn: High-waisted skinny jeans.

These high-waisted jeans are slim through the legs and can be worn straight of rolled to show off a sensible sneaker or mule. Notice how I said "sensible." Capricorns love stability as much as you love a staple piece. High-waisted skinny jeans are going to give you a lot of outfit options. I see you.

Aquarius: Loose-fit camo denim.

Aquarius is an air sign, and by nature have an easier time experimenting with fashion and trends. So put that to the test with camouflage-printed denim, a great combination of a neutral and a pattern. 

While you're at it, why not go further? Combine a cropped camo pant with a skimpy, cheetah camisole and mix up your prints! Fashion has no rules, after all!

Aries: Faded, distressed, relaxed-fit jeans.

Oh Aries, you're so fiery. So let's give our hot-blooded friends on the Zodiac some vents to keep cool: ripped up jeans. 

Aries are sensitive yet brash, making bold statements and taking names. For some, ripped jeans and the requisite dad joke that follows, "Hey, there's a hole in your pants!" are just too much to bear. But not you, Aries. Werk.

Cancer: High-waisted denim skirt.

Gorgeous. Casual. Elevated. Go-anywhere. We're talking about you, Cancer, but also about the shape and classic look of the high-waisted denim skirt.

You're a classy perfectionist, Cancer, so there's no way you won't style this piece to perfection. No matter how you make it your own, you'll make it stunning.

Taurus: Cropped and frayed-hem jeans.

Taurus isn't always the first sign in the zodiac to take a risk. That's why we're gonna push you right out of your comfort zone, and into a pair of cropped jeans with a distressed hem.

Are you bristling a little? That's the point. But variety is the spice of life, and Taurus, you were born to slay this flirty denim trend.

Virgo: White jeans.

Let's get one thing straight, Virgo: White denim isn't a "trend." But you're the one sign in the zodiac perfectionistic enough to not spill on your pristine jeans. So you need to take advantage of that.

Some signs may tell you not to wear white after Labor Day. Dear Virgo, tell those haters to walk on by. Later summer white jeans will take you all the way into fall and beyond, looking perfectly cool.

Libra: Patchwork denim.

The balance of a Libra makes this sign the best equipped for the trendy — yet tricky — patchwork denim look we're seeing everywhere. Libras can get a bad rap as controlling, but it's that exacting eye for detail that makes you the perfect sign to craft some cute outfits. 

Pick a wide patchwork jean — as pictured above — for a subtle nod to the trend. Or if you're feeling bold, go all in with a major crazy-quilt of multicolored patches.

Pisces: All-studded everything.

Pisces is always swimming up into some trouble. Studded denim says "I am trouble" — and that's awesome.

Studded denim — whether in jeans, a skirt, or a jacket — makes for a perfect Pisces pairing. A punk rock fish sounds like a pretty dope fish.

Gemini: Overalls!

Geminis get a lot of heat for having those twin personalities. But when it comes to pulling off a denim trend with as many personalities as overalls — it comes in handy!

Overalls can feel childish or farmer-y, so a relaxed yet fitted cut — especially through the leg — is what to look for. But at the end of the day, Gemini, you can pull ANYTHING off.

Sagittarius: Dramatic flared jeans.

Sagittarius is another fire sign, and they're gonna bring life to your party. They're gonna talk loud, and make friends with strangers. Let your fashion transmit those good vibes. 

Can you imagine a denim jean that tells the world more succinctly, "I'm here for a good time" more than a flared jean? No way. It's like wearing Matthew McConaughey's face on your pants.

So live a little, Sagittarius. Flare it out.

Scorpio: Boyfriend jeans.

There's nothing sexier that a pair of boyfriend jeans. And we can't talk sexy without giving it up for the sensual and sublime member of the zodiac, the Scorpio. 

This one's for you. Pair your loose boyfriend jeans with a sexy, barely-there top for the ultimate in seduction. Or throw on a loose t-shirt, because you're a babe in anything you wear.

The power is yours, Scorpio. Get into it.

Leo: Double denim.

Double denim is also known as the Canadian tuxedo. Killing this look requires such self-confidence, such panache that it simply could not go to a sign besides Leo. 

Match your denims exactly if you're into the Britney and Justin at the 2001 VMAs look — or contract your top with your bottoms for even more drama. You're a Leo, baby. You'll make it work.