Aladdin fans have gotten so many treats since Disney first announced it would release a live-action remake of the iconic animated film from 1992. Thankfully, Disney didn't just give diehard Aladdin fans a fresh movie to watch. The company also partnered with a ton of brands for endless merch. Now that the movie is here (with good reviews, by the way) and the merch is out for all to grab, we know the Aladdin love still isn't over. 

Hardcore fans will always take things a step further. To help you all along, we've rounded up a few genie-us tattoo ideas for anyone who loves Aladdin and wants some permanent ink to show it off.

How deep is your love for Princess Jasmine?

Is it deep enough to dedicate your entire thigh to her beautiful visage? This tattoo portrait of her is so realistic, it's like the artist pulled her straight from the animated film and stuck her to the client's leg. Gorgeous!

Got major love for Aladdin but want to show it in a smaller way?

Genie's lamp is a lovely idea! Peep the blue and purple smoke wafting from the lamp. The colors help to capture the vibe of the original animated film.

There are so many different versions of the lamp tattoo!

There are also so many places to get it inked! I'm totally digging this simpler version of the golden genie lamp. 

But I get it. Some of us Aladdin fans have a much bigger love for the Genie.

How freaking cool is this tattoo of Disney's most beloved blue guy (sorry, Stitch)?! This design is also a really sweet way to pay tribute to the late comedian Robin Williams who voiced the character and passed away in 2014.

Of course, you can't go wrong with more cutesy tributes paid to Princess Jasmine.

This is one sweet depiction of the princess of Agrabah. The pink and purple flowers are also a sweet touch. 

This version of Princess Jasmine is also way too dope.

I love this artsier version of her that's a little more folksy and grownup. The hair detailing is so top-notch. Fun fact: This Princess Jasmine tattoo is actually a cover-up. 

Come on, we all know Princess Jasmine is the real star of the film. 

It's why Aladdin was enamored by her. It's also why Jafar thought he could steal her away from Aladdin and away from her father the Sultan. 

Don't forget Aladdin's monkey, Abu!

He's probably the only character in the film with a feistier attitude than Princess Jasmine. He's Aladdin's reminder that he's still a young guy from the streets despite the Sultan threads. Also, Abu is just adorable!

The only other animal more adorable than Abu is Rajah.

How could anyone forget Princess Jasmine's beautiful tiger? Yes, she has a tiger that lives with her in her palace. It's part of what makes her one of the coolest Disney princesses ever.

Ink lyrics from the iconic "A Whole New World" song from the soundtrack.

This song was Aladdin's version of "Do you like me? Yes or no?" The lyrics are so pretty which makes it one of the most iconic Disney songs. "I can show you the world/ Shining, shimmering splendid/Tell me, princess, now when did/You last let your heart decide?"

Got a thing for minimalist tattoos? You can still get your Aladdin ink!

Minimalist tattoos are such a cute way to express yourself through permanent ink without, you know, getting all sleeved up. They're subtle, chill conversation-starter thanks to their simplicity. I love how these minimalist tattoos of Princess Jasmine and Pocahontas offer only their profiles and signature jewelry pieces. These tattoos look like the beginnings of a full sketch. 

Here's another perfect Princess Jasmine idea for Disney lovers opting for something simple.

Yessss! Who needs jewelry when you can put a princess on your finger? Go ahead and get all the details you need on finger tattoos and then schedule that appointment. 

Hopeless romantics, we've got you covered, too.

How gorgeous is this colorful portrait? The love between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine is forever as long as you have your Disney memories, this tattoo, and you know, YouTube. 

There's always someone rooting for the villain.

Jafar never had a chance with Princess Jasmine. Still, his evil persona stole the hearts of anyone who's always rooting for the Disney villain. 

Disney mash-up tattoo, anyone? 

Why decide between Aladdin and another one of your favorite Disney films when you can get a cool mash-up tattoo like this one? The tattoo reimagines Aladdin and Princess Jasmine as the characters from the animated Robin Hood film.

Isn't this anime version of Aladdin and Abu super fun?

Aladdin and Abu in Chibi anime form are just too sweet! This is perfect for people who love the actual character Aladdin and want to get a tattoo that's slightly different from the original cartoon look.

How's this for a tatted nod to friendship?

The best part about Aladdin is that the movie was never all about romantic love. It was about family (i.e. Princess Jasmine and her father, the Sultan) and about friendship. Aladdin and the Genie ended up being really best buds by the end of the film. We also got the most underrated song ever called "Friend Like Me", which the Genie sings to Aladdin. 

Vacay Genie was the best Genie.

Never forget that the Genie wasn't all about granting wishes. He was also a self-care advocate who believed in the beauty of wearing shirts with no pants and a Goofy hat.

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