belle beauty and the beast
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Disney princess fans take their stanning VERY seriously. From makeup to lingerie, there's no shortage of princess merch out there. So when a wedding dress company decided to drop a line of licensed Disney princess wedding gowns, we knew they'd be stellar. 

These 14 new wedding dresses inspired by Disney princesses will let you be the belle of the ball.

The dresses feature modern interpretations of six classic Disney princesses, including Belle, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.

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Because who said you can only wear white to your wedding? 

Prepare yourself... there are also matching Disney prince wedding tuxes!

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Although sizing information isn't yet available, the dresses look pretty amazing.

The gowns were envisioned by Japan-based wedding dress company Kuraudia Co., which also has a Barbie bridal line. 

The sad news is that it's unclear if the dresses will be offered in the United States.

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Wedding dress shops in Japan will be able to order the dresses for approximately $3,600 each, according to Asahi. But maybe if we wish upon a star the dresses will be sold in the US? Or hey, I hear Japan is nice this time of year, if you've got the cash to be an international wedding dress shopper. 

h/t Asahi