We're still in the thick of prom season, and as usual, the internet is flooded with photos of prom dresses that are so stunning, it makes us want our own prom do-overs. Times have changed, and the dresses have only gotten more glamorous. One would think the evening gowns have also gotten more expensive, but not for a few resourceful teens who know how to turn Fashion Nova into luxe eveningwear! 

You read that right. Teens are finding genius hacks for turning affordable Fashion Nova party dresses into full-on gowns! 

Of course, you remember when Alabama teen Nazmayde Castillo transformed her $50 Fashion Nova dress into high-end gloriousness?

Castillo told Revelist that her boyfriend found the dress and then her aunt added the blue flowers to the bottom. "She turned my idea into my dream dress for prom... I fell in love with it even more the second I tried it on," Castillo said. 

The dress went viral with Fashion Nova and numerous outlets sharing the story and photos of her lovely DIY gown. 

Now more teens are jumping on the DIY prom dress train! 

Sylvia Kalege headed to her junior prom adorning a Fashion Nova dress she transformed into a mermaid gown just the day before the big night! "Soooo, um junior #prom2k19 was a success. I MADE this dress the DAY BEFORE PROM using a @FashionNova dress and some tulle." 

Oh, the things you can pull off with a fast-fashion dress and tulle from the local fabric section! How cute is this sparkly gown?!

Clearly, a popular trick is to add a mermaid hemline to a bodycon dress, and MAGIC.

Another teen added blue tulle to the hem of her black and white Fashion Nova bodycon dress. All it takes is a few dollars worth of fabric and someone who's good and swift with a sewing machine. "Prom 2k19 went a little something like this. Only if y’all knew the story behind all this," the teen wrote on Twitter.

Your budget doesn't have to determine how bomb you look at prom, and these dresses prove it. 

"This idea literally saved my whole prom experience @FashionNova," another student tweeted about the dress she wore to prom in 2018. She looks like a royal, golden goddess in this gown. The added tulle at the bottom made the bodycon dress more prom-appropriate. Her makeup and hair also gave her the perfect glam look.

This 18-year-old student in Atlanta transformed a plain black Fashion Nova evening gown into this iridescent creation.

The original Fashion Nova dress is all about simplicity and mesh and serves up sultry Morticia Addams vibes. The remixed result looks more like a goth mermaid situation. Feathers, iridescent fabric placement, rhinestones, and tulle totally transformed this look! She broke down the entire experience on her YouTube channel

Prom-goer Aliyah Nicole snagged a Fashion Nova dress on sale for $23 and went to work on an ice princess look.

The dress took her only two days to make. She provided a cost breakdown on her YouTube channel.

"I got my dress from Fashion Nova on sale for $22.98. I got my Tulle on Amazon for $12.99. It is 54'' by 40 yards (120 ft). I got my elastic on Amazon for $7.99. Its 3/4" by 11 yards. I already had scissors, [a] needle, and thread at home. The cost of this dress came up to $43.96...," she explained in her caption.

Per this savvy YouTuber, you don't always have to depend on adding a train.

Tehja Avanni transformed her cobalt blue hi-low Fashion Nova dress into a fancier dress for prom. Instead of adding a train, she snagged matching floral appliqués to jazz up the solid-hued frock. She used a glue gun to secure the appliqués. To add a little extra sparkle, she glued on additional rhinestones. 

The YouTuber did a similar trick to this red bodycon dress.

Once again, all you need are appliqués, which you can find at a fabric or crafting store. The Fashion Nova dress was original plain with a sweetheart top and subtle ruffling at the hemline. She added the appliqués and rhinestones to give the dress a more festive vibe. It's a sweet idea for anyone who isn't into long gowns for prom.