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There's no shoe brand more iconic in the goth and punk scenes than Dr. Martens, but sometimes even the darkest of souls want a little pastel in their lives. 

Now the brand is offering summery colors in iridescent, pastel, glitter, and metallic finishes. Other shoes for the soft punk at heart include Converse or the much pricier Golden Goose

The new colors offered in the signature style of Dr. Martens boots are fit for Disney princesses with a dark fashion sense. The chunky silhouette of the shoe looks good in oversize streetwear or even feminine dresses. 

Vegan 1460 Goldmix in Pink ($130, Dr. Martens)

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The pastel pink tone of this metallic chrome boot is a stark contrast to the brand's normal dark and stormy vibe. But the silhouette is 100 percent Doc's. The 1460 stands for the boots' creation date on April 1, 1960. 

Vegan 1460 Goldmix in Blue ($130, Dr. Martens

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Doc decided to ditch the leather for these shiny styles. Although the brand went vegan, the shoe still has all of the trappings of a traditional Dr. Martens shoe, like the trademarked yellow stitching along the sole. The yellow heel loop signifies a vegan product from the brand. 

1460 Pascal Metallic Virginia in Lavender ($140, Dr. Martens)

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The sheen of this light-reflecting metallic boot will stand out in any crowd. Under the lights of a dance party or stomping through the city on a summer day, the classic leather will shine bright. The entire boot is enhanced with silver eyelets, stitching, and laces. 

1460 Pascal Metallic Virginia in Gunmetal ($140, Dr. Martens

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The best way to take care of these high-shine kicks, according to Dr. Martens' site, is with the brand's shoe polish. Keep these metallic boots' leather looking vibrant and clean. The silver color of this boot has a bluish undertone perfect for Fall. 

1460 Pascal Iridescent in Blue Iridescent ($140, Dr. Martens

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The blue iridescent shade of these iconic shoes are truly fit for a mermaid out-of-water. The teal is almost the exact same color as Ariel's green tail. Rock these boots to the premiere of the upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid

1460 Pascal Iridescent in Pink Iridescent ($140, Dr. Martens)

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Festival season isn't over yet, and these pink iridescent boots are totally trendy enough. Light reflects blue off of these magical shoes with flecked laces and silver eyelets. The traditional yellow stitching is featured along the rubber on the bottom of the boot. 

Holly Iridescent in Pink Iridescent ($150, Dr. Martens

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For a slightly different but still oh-so magical style try out these platform flats. These hyper trendy kicks would look perfect with dresses or high-waisted pants at any funky event. They are also available in the style Molly, a signature-style platform boot, for $170.

1460 Farrah Chunky Glitter in Pale Pink ($130, Dr. Martens)

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No DM's have stood out as much as these vibrant glitter bombs. The laces even have glitter flecked into them and stand out against the black. These boots are also available in multi-blue, black, and gold in the same style.