Fashion Nova jeans are all over Instagram, with celebrities like Cardi B, Amber Rose, and even Kylie Jenner vouching for their ability to deliver a stylish, snatched look *and* cater to curves.

The great appeal of Fashion Nova's jeans is their crazy cheap price point, and how the brand seems to be inclusive to different body types. And if Kylie says these jeans have magical booty-boosting powers, we need to know the truth.

My co-worker Nicola and I decided to try Fashion Nova's jeans to see if they live up to the Insta-hype — or if it's a total hoax.

Watch our full Fashion Nova jeans try-on down below and keep scrolling for an in-depth review and photos! 

We each ordered four pairs of Fashion Nova denim in a variety of styles so we could drink the ENTIRE cup of tea on this online-only brand.

First, a warning: Our selection and ordering process from Fashion Nova was a LIVING NIGHTMARE.

fashion nova shipping
photo: Revelist/Marquaysa Battle

We had to order these jeans THREE TIMES before the brand would stop canceling our order due to "shipping issues" that seemed somewhat shady. The first time the brand canceled our order, I didn't even receive an official email, just a text message that informed me of the refund amount — with NO EXPLANATION why.

Our second time ordering, I received another text message and email explaining LITERALLY NOTHING.

fashion nova shipping refund
photo: Revelist/Marquaysa Battle

The gist of the refund/cancellation email is the order was *again* not on its way to us because of "overwhelming demand" that "caused some items to not be available to be shipped right away."

I found it incredibly shady that the SAME email that informed me the clothes couldn't be shipped *also* shared those clothes "may still be in stock" and "can be re-purchased with your discount & free shipping below." 

Are the clothes available and able to be shipped to me or not? The two opposing tales in the email didn't make it clear at all.

Side. Freaking. Eye.

We were still determined to get those jeans on our hips so we ordered a THIRD time, using the most inconvenient method ever: ordering and paying for every single pair individually.

photo: Giphy

The one-by-one method worked and we got an "out for delivery" confirmation email the next day. 


Once shipped, the jeans did arrive in good time, and it was time to try them on.

The jeans Nicola loved most and swears to wear again and again are the Classic High-Waist skinny jeans, aka the infamous Kylie Jenner jeans!

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These jeans ($34.99, Fashion Nova) run from size 0 to 3X.

"When I pulled these out of the shipping bag, I immediately laughed at how high this waist was," Nicola says. 

"But let me clarify: I ONLY wear high-waisted jeans, and even I thought the waist of these iconic jeans were going to be too high."

"After pulling them on seamlessly and having the euphoric experience of buttoning them up without struggle, I was converted."

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"I was honestly disappointed in myself for never having jeans cut this high," she says.

"The fabric was soft and almost legging-like, so they were easy to move around in. That thin material might not last very long in the chub rub area, but hey, you get what you pay for."

The booty-boosting Fashion Nova jeans that I tried on were the Make It Bounce booty shaping jeans. And something amazing happened.

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The Make It Bounce Booty Shaping jeans ($19.99, Fashion Nova) were an instant hit with me! 

According to the product description, these jeans are supposed to "lift your butt as they lengthen and thin out your legs."

While I wasn't looking to lengthen or thin out my legs, I'm all down for jeans that make my butt look cuter and I totally felt like they did. 

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As a member of the teensy booty committee, I often have a problem with my jeans sagging in the butt area. This pair of Fashion Nova jeans did NOT give me that problem. They cupped my butt like it was a first place prize, and I was certainly feeling myself.

Confession: I couldn't resist wearing these jeans again this past weekend and DEFINITELY got more compliments on my bum than usual. No bummer in that, right!?

'Nother confession: I 100% plan to brave the Fashion Nova shipping nightmare again to get this pair of jeans in more colors, because my ass deserves more of this fairy-prancing I've been doing while out and about.

Next, Nicola tried these studded boyfriend jeans and had some mixed feelings.

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The Love Like This boyfriend jeans ($34.99, Fashion Nova) come in sizes 0 to 3X and Nicola was very satisfied about the fit of the 1X, though they "could be a little looser in the thigh area."

"If these had been just a little higher waisted, they would have been my favorite of the bunch," she says.

"They were just loose enough, just distressed enough, and just cropped enough to feel like an actual boyfriend jean, which is very hard to find when you have curves and are above a size 10. I actually found myself taking these home and wearing them out to run errands and have a lazy brunch after this shoot." 

While Nicola liked the style and fit, she says there's still one flaw to note about these embellished jeans.

"My only worry is the embellishing on the front," she says. 

"It’s cute, but those studs are glued on quite poorly. I fear washing them because they’ll likely fall off."

I also tried a pair of embellished Fashion Nova jeans — relaxed fit blue denim with sequin details.

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I fell in TOTAL INFATUATION with these Don't Mess Sequin jeans ($21.97, Fashion Nova) when I first saw them online. I love it when jeans have a lil' razzle dazzle and the distressed look with sequins peeking through totally screams "me." 

I already own mermaid sequin jeans just like these from Forever 21, and their ONLY flaw is how itchy the sequin part is on my knees.

This Fashion Nova version with gold sequins is comfy on my knees since there is a piece of fabric separating the sequins from your actual skin.

A major flaw of the Don't Mess Sequin jeans is that they're too tight to be rolled up as the model wears them on the Fashion Nova website.

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While the Don't Mess Sequin jeans were long enough for my legs (usually my biggest jean-hunting struggle), the ankles had ZERO stretch.

These Fashion Nova jeans had zero stretch around the waistline, too — so if you're going to order these, I recommend you size up for more room. The sizes of these jeans range from XS to 3X.

After a surprisingly decent Fashion Nova denim experience, it was time to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Nicola wanted to try jeans in a style she doesn't usually go for, so she ordered these Beach Bum jeans.

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The Beach Bum jeans ($37.99, Fashion Nova) come in sizes 0 to 3X.

"They are the exact opposite of what I would normally wear," she says. "If you know literally anything about my style, you could already tell that I hate light wash jeans AND obnoxious cut-outs. I was SHOCKED when these kind of changed my mind on both of those things." 

"The high waist and cutout placement were just flattering enough that I might actually consider wearing these out for real," Nicola says.

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"In fact, I actually really liked the feeling of JUST my knees being out in the open air. My only complaint was that the crotch was a little high for my liking. Long-torso’d babes, beware of camel toe."

The Fashion Nova jeans I tried to push out of my comfort zone were the Super High-Waist Denim Skinnies.

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I usually NEVER wear high-waist jeans because I don't like how tight they feel around my stomach and waist. I also used to hold the incorrect thought that only women with small waists and huge booties look good wearing them.

After trying these Super High Waist Skinnies ($29.99, Fashion Nova) on and then wearing them for a full day, my opinions about how they feel are still the same even though I felt they looked great on me.

The fabric felt lovely; because it's so stretchy, they feel like leggings even though they look like jeans. But the material is also on the thin side so I'm skeptical about how these jeans will fare after a few washes.

Sitting in them is another story since these jeans come up ABOVE my belly button. Every time I sat down (especially after a hefty Chick-Fil-A lunch), I felt like my entire stomach along with my soul was being pulled into my back.


Since a LOT of brands often screw up shorts for plus sizes, Nicola had to try a pair. The result? UNCOMFORTABLE AF!

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These Crowd Pleaser shorts ($25.99, Fashion Nova) run from size XS to 3X and Nicola hated every minute in the pair she ordered.

They were so short and tight, Nicola didn't feel comfortable posing for our shoot without wearing tights underneath. That's not OK!

"These literally felt like they were trying to perform plastic surgery on me," Nicola says about the tightness of the Crowd Pleaser shorts. "The waist was way tighter and higher despite being the same size as the jeans, and they were so short I could actually feel them ascending inside of me via my crotch."

"They were definitely cut for someone with more of a Kylie Jenner body. While I am relatively hourglass shaped, these shorts were unrealistically so."

"I had high hopes but unfortunately, like most mainstream denim brands, Fashion Nova clearly attempts to keep curvy girls out of shorts with smaller sizing. It’s a no from me."


I had a similar but surprising experience with these holographic boyfriend jeans. 

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Boyfriend jeans are supposed to be loose-fitting. These Welcome to My World jeans ($47.99, Fashion Nova) were not only tighter on me than expected, but they also had ZERO stretch. 

I ordered an "S" based on my measurements and the brand's sizing chart. According to Fashion Nova's chart, the M would have been too big for me. 

I should have ordered it anyway because these jeans were uncomfortably tight, which is a shame because I am a SUCKER for anything holographic. 

This design is sick and I thought these jeans would be my favorite of the four, but the fit is horrible and I would never wear these more than once.

So, would we order more Fashion Nova jeans after this emotional rollercoaster of a try-on?

photo: Giphy

I was a little *too* satisfied with those booty lifting jeans. I'm definitely going to have to risk it just to see if Fashion Nova has more jeans that flatter my body shape the way I want them to.

"For me, that all depends on how long I can wear these jeans without wearing down the inner thighs," Nicola says. 

"In complete honestly, I don’t think that’ll be very long. I was shocked by Fashion Nova’s flattering cuts for my body, but I can also find similar, affordable items at Forever 21 and ASOS that I know will also work for me." 

And there you have it! Fashion Nova has great styles but the brand is going to have to come a bit more correct with the plus-size denim offerings.

If you're going to promote a brand as curve-safe, then let's serve ALL of the curves.