Maybe it’s because we’ve all been spending so much time inside these days, but if there’s one trend that seems to be everywhere right now, it’s fruit. Yep, those cherry-covered Louis Vuitton bags that Paris Hilton carried when we were in middle school are back in style again. But given all of ~this~ that’s going on in the world, it sort of makes sense. Strawberries, cherries, peaches—even bananas—are just the colorful punch that boosts the serotonin levels of any outfit. Plus, they’re just really, really cute. Trust me, it’s science. 

Strawberry Baggu Bag, $12

photo: Baggu

Tote your groceries back to your apartment in style with these stylish (and very affordable) bags from Baggu. If strawberries aren’t your thing, they also come in cherry, orange trees, and plum tree prints.

Ash + Chess “Love Yourself First” Sticker, $4

Keep this strong message about self-love wherever you may need it—on your laptop, your backpack, your journal... Just make sure to follow this very good advice.

ASOS Sunglass Chain, $9

photo: ASOS

Now that the sun’s coming back, you need something to hang your glasses from, right? Right. Use this to keep track of your sunnies, or if you’re feeling funky, you can also hang masks from it.

Urban Outfitters Fruit Pattern Socks, $10

While sock season is almost over (and by sock season, I mean winter), these are the perfect pair for puttering around the house. Brag about these cuties on your next casual Zoom hang.

squish. Cheeky Cherry Eye & Check Mask, $8

Fruity face mask? Yes, please. These squish. eye and cheek masks hydrate and de-puff the cheek and eye area. And yes, they are cute for some #selfies while you’re showing off your ever-growing collection of sweatshirts.

Strawberry Crocs, $45

photo: DSW

These Crocs were everywhere last year, but that is because they are So. Darn. Cute. Give in to the *ahem* utilitarian aesthetic of Crocs with these. Don't worry, this is a judgment-free zone.

ASOS Cherry Ring, $7.50

photo: ASOS

Old meets new with this signet ring that is covered in cherries. Perfect if you’re only ready to dip your toe into this trend or if you’d like to keep things subtle. It also comes in extended sizing as part of ASOS’s Curve label.

ASOS Cherry Earrings, $7.50

photo: ASOS

Brighten up your virtual morning meeting with these cherry-shaped earrings. It’s just a pop of color and it's definitely a better conversation starter than the awkward “So... how was your weekend?”

Fruity Birthday Card, $5

We are all trying to keep in touch with our loved ones as much as possible this year, which is where this fruit-themed card comes in. Pssst, if you're looking for some extra brownie points, they also have one for your mom too. You’re welcome.

Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Dress, $490

Another piece that was everywhere last year was this Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Midi Dress that is not cheap but is very, very adorable. Cottage Core at its finest, I think.

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