the gap 90s reissue

The '90s are back — and so is the Gap.

photo: Gap

We cannot deny it: the '90s are back in a huge way. And to prove that everything that was once old is new again, the Gap has re-released its most iconic '90s clothing.

That's right. Gap's '90s Archive Re-issue Collection has all the styles from your misspent youth, exactly as you remember them. But after years of skinny jeans and all-black-everything, would it be hard to embrace baggy cuts and light washes?

If you're not Naomi Campbell, it might be a struggle.

So we decided to recreated the Gap's latest '90s campaign with five real people, not models — and review all the clothes in the process.

Prepare for some serious nostalgia.

(Sizing note: Denim in this collection goes up to a 35-inch waist — roughly an 18/20, according to Gap's size chart — shirts go up to a size XXL, as do jackets, but jackets run small.) 

First up was Monica Krystel Rose, who had some challenges. "I pretty much don't wear shorts in public, let alone in front of the camera... imitating Naomi freaking Campbell!"

gap 90s campaign
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist, Gap

Monica — the beautiful genius behind Let It Be Worn — is wearing the archive original pocket tee ($30, Gap) and the classic fit high-rise denim shorts ($55, Gap).

"I loved the shirt the second I picked it up," Monica said. "But my heart kinda sunk when I saw the shorts. A little over-dramatic, but deep inside I was terrified. But when I wore them, the fit was amazing."

gap 90s collection review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

"This collection is right up my alley — I'm buying some of these pieces!"

Johanna Ferreira also had some initial concerns about her look. "The outfit was cute, but I was concerned the jeans wouldn't flatter my figure."

gap 90s collection review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist, GAP

Johanna — recreating Chelsea Tyler's look — is wearing the reverse fit jeans ($80, Gap) and the sleeveless tee in black ($30, Gap).

But she was wrong to worry — "I not only felt incredibly comfortable in my outfit, but cool and confident. I didn’t want to get out of those jeans!"

gap 90s reissue jeans
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

A great pair of jeans can be a real confidence boost, which Johanna experienced. "I’ve gained some weight in my hip, thigh and butt area recently and was having a hard time fitting into my jeans, but these made me feel like a total babe!"

"I would definitely buy these jeans. This collection is really chic — I'm more than happy that the '90s are back."

gap 90s jeans review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

Killing. The. Game.

Nicola Dall'asen had similar concerns. "At first I was skeptical, but this is basically a more styled version of what I wear on a daily basis. Bodysuit or not, I am DOWN."

90s gap reissue review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist, Gap

Recreating Rumer Willis' style, Nicola is wearing the archive crop denim jacket ($80, Gap) and the tank bodysuit in white ($40, Gap). Jeans, her own.

But she quickly became a believer. "I was worried about the jacket looking clunky on me," said Nicola. "But it was big in all the right places, and the crop made it really stylish. I'm in love."

Gap 90s collection review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

"Way better than your run-of-the-mill '90s dad jacket," Nicola added. 

But the bodysuit was the big surprise. "It was SO comfortable! I wanted to keep it on all day, all night, all day again tomorrow."

90s gap collection 2017
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

"It was way more comfortable than the flowy tank top I wore to work that morning."

Leilah was really excited to try the '90s on for size. "I love high-waisted everything, and hoped these shorts would be a good fit.

gap 90s collection review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist, Gap

Leilah is wearing the classic fit high-rise denim shorts ($55, Gap), and the mockneck tank ($30, Gap). She's wearing her own leather jacket; Coco Gordon Moore — daughter of Kim Gordon — is wearing the Archive leather jacket in black ($498, Gap) in her campaign images.

"It felt liberating to wear denim that fit more loosely than shorts I typically wear," Leilah said. "Wearing these made me feel like I was taking a step away from what’s “flattering” on me to what makes me feel good!"

gap 90s collection review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

"As a former '90s kid, I’m happy to see Gap give these styles new life."

But Cindy Diaz was initially NOT about that reissue life. "I thought the clothes were basic," she said, keeping it very real. "I didn’t feel like it was anything worth running home to."

gap 90s collection review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist, Gap

Cindy recreates Lizzy Jagger's Gap look with the reissue zip hoodie in heather gray ($50, Gap), and the patch pocket denim skirt ($50, Gap). Black tank top, her own.

But after trying everything on, Cindy was also converted. "I loved my outfit! I didn’t think I would be that impressed, but I was so wrong. Everything went so well together and was really flattering on my curvy figure."

gap denim skirt review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

She's a dream.

But there was one problem — "The skirt didn't fit perfectly. It obviously couldn't handle all of my hips."

denim patch skirt gap
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

"It fit around the waist, but the buttons were stressed," she explained. "And when I sat down, the bottom one popped right open. Thank god this didn’t happen while I was out and about! But I would totally buy this in the next size up."

Gap's '90s re-issue collection is our everything: cute, comfortable, and looks fly as hell on ALL of us.

gap archive collection review
photo: Brittany Fowler / Revelist

The Gap hit it ALL the way out of the park with this collection. Long live the '90s; long live the Gap!

All original photography by Brittany Fowler.
Additional styling by Alle Connell.