If you're a goth queen, Halloween is like coming home. But what if you already live every damn day like it's the spookiest day of the year? How do stand out on the 31st?

That's where these costume ideas for your dark heart come in.


There's always a plain collared dress that's perfect for Wednesday Addams, or Kat Von D, or just about anything else.

deandri dress
photo: Deandri

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Minnie Dress ($35, Deandri)


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark designed this floor-length showstopper herself.

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Elvira Gown in Black Ponte ($248, Pinup Girl Clothing)


Don't be the spider, be the web — let's be real, they elicit just as much fear.

asos gown
photo: ASOS

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Halloween Printed Tule Maxi Dress ($103, ASOS)


Actually me in the 1800s.

yandy victorian costume
photo: Yandy

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Grey Lady Victorian Ballgown Costume ($50, Yandy)


A little voodoo, anyone?

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Cozy Voodoo Doll Costume ($50, Dolls Kill)


How about some cheerful witchcraft?

hm cheerleader
photo: H&M

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Cheerleader Top ($18, H&M); Cheerleader Skirt ($18, H&M)


TELL ME you don't want to cast some hexes on men who wronged you in this. I won't believe you.

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Celestial Witch Costume ($15, Hot Topic)


Be Beetlejuice, but make it fashion.

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Flyyn Skye Striped Two-Piece Set ($275, Urban Outfitters)


If you're the kind who prefers pants, you can also opt for Jack Skellington, a classic.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Costume ($49, Hot Topic)


No goth costume is complete without a few accessories, though.

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Vintage Style Black Lace & Gem Statement Choker ($34, Unique Vintage)


This massive lace collar will take your vampire from 0 to 100 REAL fast.

asos collar
photo: ASOS

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Regal Rose Halloween Black Lace Oversized Collar ($60, ASOS)


As will this feathered collar, of which Edgar Allan Poe would definitely approve.

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Burgundy & Black Feather Raven Collar ($14, Hot Topic)


Angel of Death your vibe? I've got you covered.

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Black Angel Wings Kit ($19, Hot Topic)


You know what tops all of these option, though? A LITERAL GOTH QUEEN.

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Goth Queen Costume ($45, Dolls Kill)


Of course, you'll need a black crown sharp enough to kill your enemies. Costume sorted.

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Black Royal Crown ($8, Hot Topic)