There are certain fashion icons that you'll remember forever, no matter how much time passes. One of mine is supermodel Grace Jones. I'll never forget the first time I saw her. An old soul, I found myself watching the popular '90s hit film Boomerang as just a young girl (don't judge, I had a mature rolodex of favorite films). However, even at such a young age, I remember being completely and utterly entranced by Jones and the things she wore. From the large, outlandish hats to 100% leather head-to-toe outfits, she was nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

Now, years later, her wardrobe is a representation of the inner me that's afraid to come out. She was edgy, didn't give a single care about what anyone thought, and her unapologetic attitude was reflected in her anything-but-conventional style. To this day, when I want to add some spunk to my day, I refer to her looks on and off the runway during her successful career. 

And as time passes, more recent style icons offer that same type of confidence to others. One of the most notable is Jennifer Lopez. The many eras of J.Lo are ones that can't be forgotten, from In Living Color to "Jenny From the Block" to the now almost-50-year-old J.Lo who has seemed to completely defy the rules of aging. She's a fashion legend in her own right, and the red carpet is the place where we find ourselves most inspired by her style. Check out five of our favorites below.