When you envision goth glam queen, you undoubtedly picture Morticia Addams. From her long black hair to her dramatic floor-sweeping gowns, Addams is the OG of goth style, so it makes sense Jackie Aina, a fellow beloved glam queen, would eventually try out her look.

Aina wore a sheer black lace dress by Michael Costello, which she paired with a dark lip and long black hair. 

This is total Addams meets beauty YouTuber! Aina proved that she can work any style, whether it be goth queen or athleisure pro.

"Wowwww just slay my wholeeee lifeee," one user commented.

"You look like the [B]lack [M]ortica," another user said. "This is the Morticia Addams revamp I didn’t know I needed," a follower wrote. I mean, DEFINITELY.

 Now all I need is for her to cosplay Wednesday Addams and my life will be complete. Hopefully Addams, I mean Aina, will keep the summer goth glam look going! 

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