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1. Most recently in 2018, Kardashian wore the "Bo Derek" braids again. Clearly, she doesn't give a damn. 

She actually captioned one of her posts, "Hi can I get zero fucks please, thanks," which many interpreted as her not caring about the cultural appropriation claims. Interestingly enough, the same stylist did Kardashian's doobie wrap hairstyle in 2017 also did her 2018 Fulani braids. — MA

At this point, I think Kardashian has shown that she doesn't care about stealing from Black culture, all the while overlooking her own. 

I wish that Kardashian would focus on her own beautiful culture — her Armenian identity — more, and use it as a platform to show diversity in an original way, rather than ripping off other cultures. 

We need to see all cultures represented, but in a way that doesn't do more harm than good.