Kim Kardashian style
photo: Reuters

Kim Kardashian West really does it all.

She's a mother, wife, sister, daughter, reality star, Forbes-noted business woman, mobile mogul, shade queen, shameless selfie taker, Taylor Swift destroyer, and politically-conscious influencer. 

Oh, and she can make the weirdest shit look cool (when she actually wears clothes, that is).


Kim spent the summer of 2016 SHATTERING fashion boundaries with her jaw-dropping looks — and started a few unforgettable trends in the process.

Kim Kardashian naked
photo: Splash

She wasn't afraid to push limits.


She basically lived in lingerie, turning her collection of underwear into outerwear.

kim kardashian corset
photo: Splash

It quickly became clear that 2016 is the year of Kim's nipples.

Kim Kardashian nipples
photo: Splash

I think that's marked on the Chinese calendar. 


Only a Kardashian could make wearing white lace negligees in public a "thing."

Kim Kardashian white lace negligee
photo: Splash

But the whole "lingerie for clothes" trend miiiiight be a little NSFW.

Kim Kardashian lingerie
photo: Splash

So Kim just added some pin stripes and her nighties officially became business casual.

Kim Kardashian trends
photo: Splash

Don't have time to get dressed in the morning? That's fine, because Kim taught us how to rock a sheer robe and not much else.

Kim Kardashian robe
photo: Splash

She beat the summer heat in silky slips...

Kim Kardashian lingerie
photo: Splash

...and a closet FILLED with the nakedest of naked dresses.

Kim Kardashian naked dress
photo: Splash

Hell, she basically wore sheer fishing net, and suddenly everyone was here for it.

Kim Kardashian naked dress
photo: Splash



Kim's corset corset obsession became OUR obsession.

Kim Kardashian corset
photo: Splash

She single-handedly made corsets-over-shirts *the* hottest look.

Kim Kardashian t-shirt corset
photo: Splash

Because nothing spices up a loose, white t-shirt quite like a cream-colored cincher.

Kim Kardashian corset
photo: Splash

Kim even wore corsets as pants.

Kim Kardashian corset pants
photo: Splash

She wore BOOTS as pants.

Kim Kardashian boots
photo: Splash

Kim gave new meaning to "thigh-highs." Her footwear literally ate her legs.

Kim Kardashian shiny boots
photo: Splash

Hi again, Kim's nipples.


But then, foil boots? So over. Time for plastic bag-boots!

Kim Kardashian boots
photo: Splash

But nothing (I mean NOTHING) trumps her boots-slash-pants-slash-corset. That's right: THREE different trends, all in one outfit.

Kim Kardashian trends
photo: Splash

Plus a bonus trend: braid piercings.


Then she was over the boots, and it was time for fur slides and bike shorts.

kim kardashian bike shorts
photo: Splash

Closely followed by faded jorts and elbow-length hair.

Jorts = jeans + shorts, just to be clear.


Then why not add a puffy jacket? After all, it WAS the middle of summer.

Kim Kardashian jacket
photo: Splash

Who cares if it makes sense? A summer coat seems nothing short of fabulous.


Can we take a moment to discuss her sheer leotard?

Kim Kardashian leotard
photo: Splash

...that she paired with swishy pants

Kim Kardashian pants
photo: Splash

Go ahead and dig out those baggy polyester sweatpants you wore for high school gym class.


Kim brought back the frayed denim mini skirt, giving off major "Laguna Beach" throwback vibes.

Kim Kardashian jean skirt
photo: Splash

Is Hollister making a comeback? Someone call LC to check.


She even made wet pool hair the new messy bun.

Kim Kardashian pool hair
photo: Splash

Lazy girls everyone, you can thank Kim K. for making this trend happen.


Because she's Kim freaking Kardashian West, and there's nothing this woman can't pull off.

Kim Kardashian over the shoulder
photo: Splash

Two dozen trends in one summer? Hats — or more fittingly, shirts — off to you, Kim.