Most twenty-somethings are worried about having enough space in a cramped apartment just to fit a few boxes of clothes. But if you're 20-year-old makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, you don't have to worry about such things. Instead, you can devote an entire closet to just purses.

Jenner’s Instagram feed has been full of high-end purses for awhile now, and if you were wondering where she kept them all, here's your answer: Jenner just let her followers into her closet stocked with handbags. It’s filled to the brim with designer brands and top-notch purses that any fashionista would dream of having.

BEHOLD: the closet to end all closets. Not to closet shame, but it's about the same size as her sister Kendall's entire closet. 

It may not be a competition, but Kylie is definitely winning! I spot a good number of Birkins, plenty of Louis Vuittons, and a few Dior purses in a rainbow of hues. US Magazine's current tally claims the bag collection is worth around half a million, although it's probably worth WAY more than that.

The closet was designed by Martyn Bullard, according to US Magazine. 

Bullard's also designed for Jenner's sisters Khloe and Kourtney, as well as Cher, according to her website. "That is actually heaven," one of Bullard's followers said. Others noticed the little details in the closet instead, like the ceiling. "The mica ceiling paper is where it’s at," another user said. "The purse closet is very beautiful plus the crystal chandelier," someone commented. 

*cue the ooohs and ahhs* 

Although I still have to swing by Home Depot and Forever 21 to make my own closet, these posts allow us to dream of the A-list closet life!

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