The Maleficent sequel is the top movie at the box office right now, beating out Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.

The hype is still real for the Sleeping Beauty villain, and Her Universe has created a collection dedicated to the sorceress. What's better? It's totally size-inclusive and spooky cute. Pair it with a vibrant Maleficent makeup look if you want to go all out on the Disney vibe. 

Angelina Jolie brings humanity to the notoriously evil antagonist, and she's challenged by a Queen played by Michelle Pfeiffer in the sequel. Elle Fanning reprises her role as Princess Aurora. 

Disney Maleficent Horned Knit Beanie, $20

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Maleficent's horns are an iconic part of her look. Any true fan would sport this stylish and silly beanie. Plus, a purple dragon inspired by the shapeshifting sorceress is emblazoned on the front. 

Her Universe Disney Maleficent Mistress of Evil Horns Top Plus Size, $33

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The edgy neckline on this T-shirt is dark and cool. The black mesh and off-the-shoulder look are definitely on trend. Maleficent's headpiece is etched on the front with the word evil written in the middle. 

Her Universe Disney Maleficent Mistress of Evil Feast Hi-Low Dress, $53

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This pretty hi-low dress is inspired by the villain. Gothic bird skulls are embroidered around the neckline and trailing down your spine on the back. Oh, and this dress has pockets. Pockets. 

Her Universe Disney Maleficent Mistress of Evil Vest Plus Size, $55

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This edgy vest gives off major boss energy. I love the chic gothic style of the lace and flattering faux leather wrap. Stitched onto the shoulders is an outline of Maleficent's head, so she's there to inspire you. 

Her Universe Disney Maleficent Mistress of Evil Velvet Moto Jacket Plus Size, $75

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There are so many details on this black velvet motorcycle jacket. Inside, the pockets are a bright purple, there are laces around the sides, and Maleficent's wings are stitched onto the back. The boxy fit is totally on-trend and gives major cool-girl energy. 

Our Universe Disney Maleficent Dragon Hoodie, $55

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This cozy lavender hoodie is perfect for fall. It comes in a myriad of sizes, from XS to 3X. The animated antagonist is printed down the sleeves, and the dragon is front and center. 

Disney Maleficent Scarf, $27

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True Maleficent fans need this black and purple scarf inspired by the sorceress. It's a cozy knit material perfect for gusty winds. Even a cold-hearted witch like Maleficent couldn't say no to this scarf.

Loungefly Disney Villains Maleficent Velvet Mini Backpack, $50

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Tiny black backpacks are the best replacement for a purse this season. The black velvet mini backpack has a silver dragon embellishment that looks edgy and goth. But the inside is a vibrant lime green shade for a pop of color.