Rompers are fashion's cruelest joke.

On one hand, they are fun and fashionable with the added bonus of being a complete outfit like a dress, but with built in chafing protection. 

On the other, they can be a sizing nightmare that turns the simple act of peeing into an Olympic sport. 

Not to be left behind, a couple of dude-bros started a Kickstarter called RompHim — a "male" version of the widely popular female onesie.

And while the name is utterly unnecessary (though admittedly clever), the brand is hoping to revolutionize fashion and bring "cool, comfortable" clothing options to men everywhere.

God forbid men should want for cool, comfortable clothing, right?

But they've successfully raised $60,022 thus far, while their goal was merely $10,000 — so we can confidently say the demand is pretty high. 

Dudes are sincerely HERE. FOR. IT.


Perhaps, but their bodies are ready anyway.

The truth is, overall, the "dude" romper is far more functional than what we are used to.

There is a fly to make peeing while naked a thing of the past AND adjustable side buttons to taper and sculpt your fit so you don't look like a chubby baby stuck in a onesie. 

Where are my pee flaps and curve-hugging options, dammit?!

Of course, the second a man wants it, they figure out how to make it more functional.

*rolls eyes*

All kidding aside, if you're into this fun fashion statement for men, keep your eyes peeled on their Kickstarter for an official release date. Happy romping!