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Whether you couldn't stop meme-ing Rihanna’s golden cape gown or obsessing over Beyoncé’s sheer dress, you know the Met Gala is where fashion history is made. After all, celebrities put fashion over function at the gala, and Instagram loves them even more for it. 

To chronicle these incredible looks, popular Influencer Mina Gerges (aka @itsminagerges) has recreated the most famous Met Gala looks with craft supplies you could find at home — so even if you don’t have a whole team of couturiers at your disposal, you can get the looks with some major crafting skillz.

Using garbage bags and toilet paper, he recreated Chrissy Teigen's sheer gown for the Met Gala. 

He made this dress out of a beige curtain and paint! 

"My garbage bag dress isn't Givenchy but it's still fierce," he said in the caption. 

If you look closely, you'll see that he's just HOLDING CLOTHES. 

I mean, we all have laundry, so why not make it fashion? 

Using toilet paper and what appears to be a USB cord, he proved you could get Kim K's look with just a quick Amazon order. 

He even recreated Rita Ora's blonde 'do with CRAFT CHEESE. 

Katy Perry's black bun probably took ages to craft, but Gerges' black bowl probably only took a few seconds! 

I can't wait to see what other looks Gerges will recreate for the 2018 Met Gala. 

Visit @itsminagerges for more amazing looks! 

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