alon livne naked dresses
photo: Alon Livne White

Bridal Fashion Week took place in New York City last week, starting October 5 and wrapping up October 10. In those five action-packed days, designers showcased their latest collections and introduced new bridal trends for the upcoming season.

And it looks like the wedding world has been taking notes from Kim Kardashian West, because today's trendiest brides are waltzing down the aisle in naked dresses.

That's right. Naked wedding dresses are officially a thing.

The naked wedding dress is definitely not for the faint of heart.

alon livne naked dress
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These super sexy, bottomless wedding "dresses" leave very little to the imagination — but we're so here for it.

nude wedding dresses
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Constrictive white wedding dresses are so 1916.

This pantsless getup may be *the* naked wedding dress of naked wedding dresses. (Click for video)

Now we know Kim K. will have something to wear if she decides to renew her vows.

The man behind these super-revealing naked wedding dresses? Alon Livne, an esteemed Israeli fashion designer.

alon livne
photo: Instagram/@helenrodriguesbridal

Clearly Livne was very inspired by the celebrity favorite this season, incorporating lace and sheer panels into his latest collection.

naked wedding dresses
photo: Instagram/@doritizbizki

From JLo to Rihanna, A-Listers just can't get enough of these ~scandalous~ dresses.

The naked wedding dress is a bold look for seriously brave brides. (Click for video)

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But for brides-to-be that want something a bit tamer, Livne also featured some NEARLY naked gowns that won't cause grandma pass out in her church pew.

naked wedding dress
photo: Instagram/@alonlivnewhite

I mean, probably.

By comparison, this naked wedding dress is practically Victorian — but check out those high slits!

naked wedding dress
photo: Instagram/@alonlivnewhite

Legs ahoy!

The bodice of this dress is definitely naked — the model basically looks topless. But the skirt is full, balancing out the gown.

naked wedding dresses
photo: Instagram/@alonlivnewhite

But if the thought of a naked wedding dress STILL makes you blush, try adding a sleek cape. A NAKED cape.

naked wedding gown
photo: Instagram/@alonlivnewhite

Because what could be more invigorating than going full-blown Beyoncé at your wedding?

naked wedding dress
photo: Instagram/@alonlivnewhite

Nothing says "If you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it — and indeed you did" quite like this gown. 

Naked wedding dresses for the WIN.

Would you wear a barely-there gown for your wedding day?