If you're a bride-to-be  — or just enjoy watching people try on hundreds of dresses — you've probably heard of wedding dress designer Pnina Tornai.

Pnina and her over-the-top gowns are the unsung heroes of TLC's iconic show "Say Yes to the Dress" — and her gowns are coveted by everyone who stops by Kleinfeld's boutique. And why might you ask? Check out these 15 gowns, and you'll see what we mean.

Here's a bride who wanted a $34K Pnina Tornai gown. Yes, THIRTY-FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS.

On the Kleinfeld website, the lowest approximate price for a Pnina Tornai gown starts around $5,000.

If you want to find her dresses in the US, then you have to go to Kleinfeld's.

The bridal shop exclusively sells her dresses at their shop in New York City. Check out the gowns here.

She can also custom-create your dream dress — but it's not cheap.

She once combined THREE GOWNS to make one beautiful couture wedding dress for a client. #Skillz

And you NEED to check out these dresses. Tornai's gowns have no shortage of bling.

And there's always a see-through element.

Maybe for ventilation? 

"I try to find the right limit between being a little more sexy, and the traditional," Tornai said.

Source: YouTube

And these wedding dresses — right on the border of covered up and naked — are VERY sexy.

Pnina's signature style is her transparent corset, usually paired with dramatic skirts.

pnina wedding dress
photo: Pnina Tornai

Many of her gowns are also very tight, with a dramatic mermaid skirt.

Channeling your inner mermaid as a bride? SOLD.

And Tornai's dresses bring the DRAMA. Transparent corset with a fluffy skirt? YES.

Her most recent collection makes full use of underwear-inspired sheer lace and mesh — because why not show off your legs in a wedding dress?

Plunging neckline and hip cut outs? DAMN.

These lingerie-inspired styles say "My feet hurt, but I look too good to go home."

We've all been there.

And this style says "Yes, I'm lost in the desert, but I'm the best-looking person who's lost in the desert."

But dresses don't have to be see-through to be naked. This beaded style is so fitted, it's like walking down the aisle covered in pearls.

And here's a long-sleeved dress... that happens to be totally backless.

But she's not limited to just dresses. Here's a sexy naked jumpsuit for the unconventional bride. Or if you plan on going rock climbing.

Pnina is a queen. Despite being one of the most famous wedding dress designers in the world, she's always very personable.

"I LIVE FOR BLING," she said.

It also seems like Tornai is always around to surprise her brides.

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And they're surprised to see her EVERY TIME (for good reason of course). Tornai also designs evening gowns as well.

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photo: Buzzfeed