Beyoncé and Popeyes have a similar fashion line
photo: Splash News

Beyoncé has not been quiet about her love of the fast-food joint Popeyes and even has a lifetime membership for free food at the restaurant. 

The love story between the pop icon and the fast-food staple involves inspiration from the Popeyes uniforms and the Adidas X Ivy Park collection. Many noticed, including Popeyes' marketing team, that the athleisure collection looked remarkably similar to the maroon and orange uniforms worn by the fast-food company's employees. 

The restaurant quickly capitalized on the coincidence and began selling their uniforms to the public, and the advertisements looked just like Bey's Ivy Park photos. This isn't the first time that fast food and fashion have mixed, either. In 2018 KFC launched its own line of streetwear, but it didn't have the same effect. 

All of the proceeds from the sold-out uniforms are going directly to the Popeyes Foundation, and $20,000 has already been raised, according to the LA Times.

Popeyes took the opportunity to share in Beyoncé's Ivy Park success.

The fast-food restaurant noticed how quickly Queen Bey's Ivy Park line sold out, so it had an idea of its own. Popeyes mimicked the artist's promo images and advertisements almost perfectly and sold its own uniforms, which coincidentally matched the colors and style of the new athleisure line. Shortly after Popeyes released its fashion line, it sold out too. 

Luckily, the fast-food restaurant is restocking its sold-out merch online. 

"Most fashion brands don’t restock after they sell out. But most fashion brands aren’t selling their uniforms. That look is back. Link in bio," Popeyes wrote in its Instagram caption. Part of the collection is sold out again on That Look From Popeyes, but the prices are seriously affordable. At only $20–$40, you can get hoodies, T-shirts, and hats. 

The look is nearly identical to Beyoncé's Ivy Park line. 

Meanwhile, Beyoncé's Adidas X Ivy Park line is still completely sold out. In fact, it sold out in the presale before it even hit shelves. Fans who missed out can sign up for email notifications to try to nab an item before it sells out again. 

Back in 2003, Beyoncé talked about her love for Popeyes, and the fast food restaurant even gave her a free lifetime supply. 

On a segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2003, Beyoncé revealed that she had a lifetime membership to Popeyes. "I really love Popeyes. At one point, everywhere I went people would buy me Popeyes, like the fans. And Popeyes heard so they gave me a lifetime membership." 

Of course, the multimillionaire musician has never used her free membership card, because she's "too embarrassed." 

Popeyes has always used the maroon and orange that Beyoncé copied in her collection. 

Of course, I'm sure it was a complete coincidence that Bey chose those colors for her line. However, it is funny to think that perhaps deep in her subconscious, Beyoncé chose those shades based on her love of the Louisiana-based restaurant.
It's good news for the fried chicken restaurant, which has been extremely popular on social media since the great fried chicken sandwich debate. The restaurant tweeted, "Love that look? It’s our uniform. Has been for a while. And now you can buy it.  #LoveThatLookFromPopeyes."

One fan suggested that Beyoncé, the savvy businesswoman that she is, did this on purpose. 

They tweeted, "Y’all. Beyoncé chose that color scheme because she knew that it would sell out as fast as the Popeyes chicken sandwich did." And then shared a few images of the Popeyes logo and Ivy Park merchandise. The similarity is uncanny, and there's no harm done, as Popeyes is donating all of the proceeds to its charity.