Whenever Rihanna faces a challenging trend, she slays it. And when we noticed her continually rocking the oversized trend —whether it be tops, jeans, jackets, or gowns, we saw she did so effortlessly. 


This the one time when MASSIVE denim on denim actually worked.

How is she not burning up? Oh, right. Rihanna is a goddess. 


Check out when she wore an absolutely massive camel-colored pantsuit that even Hillary Clinton would be jealous of.


She proved that an oversized pajama top isn't just for a Netflix binge.


Her jumbo polo shirt demonstrated that pants aren't necessary.

No pants, no problems. 


Just as we were getting tired of it, Rihanna showed us that oversized distressed denim isn't over.


And then she casually gave the world Aaliyah vibes.

So '90s in the best way. 


She even wore giant pants to save the world with Prince Harry.

Lookin' good while doing good. 


And sometimes even HER BOOTS are oversized.


Sometimes she designs her own all-massive-everything outfit, then walks down HER OWN runway.

Truly goals. 


Other times she throws on a too-big shirt and gigantic fur to get an award at BET's Black Girls Rock.


And let's not forget the time she wore the world's largest coat to the Met Gala. Rihanna is truly an enormous icon of fashion.

While we know Riri isn't done ruling the red carpet, we can't wait for other trends she has up her oversized sleeve.