When news began circulating via WWD that Rihanna may drop a lingerie line soon, everyone basically started emptying their bra drawers. Riri has put out a ton of collabs from beauty to clothing, and they're ALWAYS gold. Not only does she bring her electric sense of fashion into it, but she always considers what will work on ALL of her fans.

 In fact, she could totally reach new heights with this lingerie line thanks to her forward-thinking #wokebae approach to her work. Here's why we think Rihanna's lingerie line will top every other one out there:

She isn't down for tokenism. 

In 2017, a fan called out Rihanna for not having any trans women in her Fenty Beauty campaign, but the triple-threat had a simple answer. "I've had the pleasure of working with many gifted trans women throughout the years, but I don't go around doing trans castings," she said in part of her reply. "Just like I don't do straight non trans women castings! I respect all women, and whether they're trans or not is none of my business!" 

This is good news because it means Rihanna WILL be wise in her casting choices, rather than treating diversity just as a marketing tool. 

She's (somewhat) size-inclusive in her casting. 

For her Fenty Beauty campaign, she cast curve model Paloma Elsesser. The beauty world is still mostly filled with straight-size models, so Rihanna doing that helped challenge the notion that plus-size models can't do beauty campaigns. 

Although Rihanna was criticized by Ashley Graham for not casting non-sample size models for her Fenty x Puma Spring/Summer 2018 show, I'm sure that her lingerie line will celebrate women of all sizes. 

QUALITY is important to her. 

When Daniel Kaluuya wore Fenty Beauty to the Oscars, he hugged Jordan Peele — who was WEARING A WHITE SUIT. The lack of transfer had everyone shook. The evidence is clear: She not only makes products that make customers look good, but products that work well.

Let's pray that underwire sticking out of bras or easy tears in lingerie will be a thing of the past! 

She owns her sexuality. 

photo: Stance

From her music to her style, Rihanna shows that being sexy can be powerful, and she incorporates that into all of her projects. She even had it incorporated into her sock line: Her Stance sock collab featured iconic outfits from her music videos imprinted on the socks, like her bedazzled bra and thong shorts from her "Pour It Up" video. 

Hopefully, she'll create a bold line of lingerie for women who own their fierceness! 

She thinks about a wide range of skin tones. 

Rihanna started Fenty Beauty with 40 foundation shades, showing how deeply she cares about underrepresented groups. Her darker shades flew off shelves, and her lighter shades helped a woman with albinism finally find her true shade. Hopefully, she'll provide a shade-inclusive approach to her lingerie line! 

She encourages women to throw out what's deemed an "acceptable" beauty or fashion tip. 

In 2017, I wrote about how surprised I was to see dark-skinned model Duckie Thot wearing a peach Mattemoiselle lipstick. Black women, especially dark-skinned women, are frequently told to "stay away" from lighter lip colors since they're not that "appealing." By putting Thot in the lipsticks, it showed me how antiquated those beauty tips are. Rihanna regularly throws out society's views of beauty in favor of encouraging women to challenge it themselves. 

She isn't afraid of fashion risks, and inspires others to do the same. 

From wearing the fluffiest shirt known to man to daring ball gowns to glittery morph suits, there's nothing Rihanna can't wear. I pray that glittery matching lingerie sets in all sizes will exist in the near future thanks to Rihanna. Who knows? Judging by her style, the line may be so gorgeous you'll want to wear it beyond the bedroom. 

Sadly, we still have to wait for the merch to finally be released, but at least you can use this time to do some spring cleaning in preparation.

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