rihanna red carpet
photo: Splash News

From endless red carpets to her street style, Rihanna has really embraced every trend in the book. (Who could forget that shimmering Gucci morph suit?) Now, her latest footwear choice has left fans shook in the best way! 

Yes, Rihanna stepped out on the streets of New York in heels COVERED IN PLASTIC. Understandably, the internet has a lot of feelings.

rihanna shoes
photo: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News

The shoes are from the Jimmy Choo x Off-White collaboration, according to Footwear News. This DEFINITELY costs a whole lot more than the plastic wrap from your kitchen! 

Some thought the plastic wrap was for functional purposes. "When it's a little rainy day but you have to protect your shoes because the whole outfit [is] lit af," a user joked on a Rihanna Instagram fan page

Other fans just couldn't understand WHY you'd wear designer shoes covered in plastic. "What’s with the plastic over the shoes?" another fan commented. IT'S CALLED FASHION, LOOK IT UP. 

Meanwhile one user was concerned about her well-being in these shoes. "Her feet must be really hot wrapped in them plastics!" a user said. 

Well clearly, Rihanna doesn't have to care about such things. 

It wasn't just her shoes — the BAG was also extra in the best way.

Even designer Alexander Wang noticed how Rihanna ONLY carried his bag in the clear Delvaux purse. "When you got nothing to carry but stacks," Wang captioned the post. I mean, what else would you carry? 

This $4,995 Judith Leiber x Alexander Wang bag has lived many lives, with Beyoncé recently wearing it on the red carpet and Kim Kardashian showing it off on her Snapchat story. 

When you zoom out, the outfit gets EVEN BETTER.

rihanna street style
photo: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News

There's A LOT going on with this outfit. She's wearing an off-the-shoulder Luar dress and a simple Vetements hat, according to Footwear News. One fan felt like they'd been resurrected by her fierce style. "She gives me a reason to believe," a user commented

The dress was business in the front, and then PARTY IN THE BACK.

rihanna street style
photo: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News

"And the fact that she has two Jackets [sewed] into one. #FashionKilla," one user said

Of course, not everyone understood the outfit, but that's OK! "Why is she wearing two jackets?" a user inquired. "I don’t get the shirt but I kinda love it," a fan said. Yes, acceptance is the first step. 

The most important lesson of this look is that Rihanna could literally slay in anything.

She stepped out on the NYC streets as if this was the Met Gala red carpet, and completely OWNED this look. So even if all you can afford on your feet is plastic wrap, it is possible to look fierce. Just make sure you have the confidence — and the health insurance — to go along with it! 

h/T Footwear News