Although I'm sort of convinced the Evil Queen has cursed the East Coast with an eternal snowfall this winter, I'm still constantly dreaming about springtime — especially springtime style. You know, floral dresses and braided sandals, paired with a classic denim jacket that goes with everything. 

And after seeing Rita Lane Vintage's new Disney-inspired vintage jackets, I know exactly what denim jacket I'll be using this spring!

Each colorful jacket features a princess and a corresponding phrase from their film.

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Belle jacket ($65, Etsy)

Rita Lane Vintage has been behind plenty of other Disney-inspired lines such as a Disney princess tiara wedding collection and a series of feminist Minnie jackets

Like any good vintage item, these jackets are one of a kind, so you don't have to worry about another princess stealing your look! 

Throw this jacket (which comes in teal, coral, or soft pink) over your T-shirt or a ball gown, depending on your personal princess style. 

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Snow White jacket ($65, Etsy

Some jackets have distressed details, like this Moana jacket. 

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Moana jacket ($65, Etsy

"Fairytales can come true," reads this Princess Tiana jacket. 

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Tiana jacket ($65, Etsy

But if you want to show your queen of darkness side, there's this purple "Mistress of all evil" jacket. 

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Maleficent jacket ($65, Etsy

Visit Rita Lane Vintage and the @RitaLaneVintage Etsy shop to see the full collection! 

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