We already know that Solange challenges red carpet rules on the regular. Whether she's celebrating her natural curls or rocking a range of silhouettes, her sense of style has inspired her many fans, as she's unapologetically herself all day every day, no matter the situation. 

That goes for the Met Gala. This year, Solange wore a  headpiece made up of a halo and a durag that Black Twitter immediately loved — after all, it showed how items associated with Black culture rightfully have a place on the most high-profile red carpet of the year. 

When Solange shared an image of her all-black look, she even included a fan's perfect reaction. 

"The last pic cause God loves durags," one follower said. The headpiece was a familiar nod to her look from her "SNL" performance, but adding the durag definitely remixed the look while celebrating Black culture. The look was styled by Kyle Luu, the headpiece was hand braided by Jawara Wauchope, and the halo frame was by Shani Crowe

For those who don't know, durags are both a fashion statement and a way to protect Black hair (although it's often been culturally appropriated by non-Black public figures, like when Kylie Jenner wore a white durag to New York Fashion Week in 2016). With the lingering stigma attached to Black hair and the protective styles used to maintain it, it's all the more inspiring to see Solange confidently walking the red carpet in her piece.

Twitter LOVED the fan's response to Solange's look. 

"YOU DID THE DURAG!!!" one follower commented. 

Others might've needed medical assistance after seeing her look. 


Later, Solange even wore a cape with the words "My God Wears a Durag" in gold glitter. 

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THAT'S how you do the Met Gala, people. 

Solange's Met Gala look showed you don't have to wait for society to accept your hairstyle. 

solange met gala
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Changing prejudiced dress codes or ideals may not happen instantaneously, but celebrities like Solange are showing Black beauty in its many forms through their styling decisions. Hopefully, it will change how Black hair and its protective styles are viewed on and off the red carpet. 

Keep slaying, Solange! 

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