With "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" debuting in December, this holiday season will be LIT (with lightsabers, that is). So how can you get the look without looking like a #basic Jedi? 

ThinkGeek's "Star Wars" holiday sweaters will help you save the day in style. 

The sweaters go up to a size 3X unisex, so everyone can be part of the Resistance! 

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BB-8 sweater ($49.99, ThinkGeek

This sweater design features sleigh bells next to BB-8, so it's basically an intergalactic approach to the holiday season.

Use the force to take all of the White Elephant gifts in this Darth Vader sweater. 

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Darth Vader sweaters ($49.99, ThinkGeek

"I find your lack of cheer disturbing" is what the sweater reads. Apparently in another world, Darth Vader is a supreme ruler of the holiday season. 


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Yoda sweater ($49.99, ThinkGeek

Just tell yourself, "Do or do not. There is no try," when you're facing those holiday crowds. The only thing you'll need now is a lightsaber.

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