victoria's secret lais ribeiro
photo: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Wearing the Fantasy Bra is the ultimate blessing for a Victoria's Secret model, with all of the Angels hoping they'll get to be the one to strut their stuff in the famed bra. 

But for this year's show, it's been revealed Lais Ribeiro will be the lucky model rocking the $2 million bra. And instead of just walking down the runway, she put the bra to the test in Vogue's video.

While waiting for a photographer to show up, Ribeiro threw on some jeans and the bra's matching shimmering belt to go with the bra while she helped out around set.

The fact that this bra can withstand all those movements is pretty impressive, considering its specs. Dubbed the "Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra," it consists of of gold, yellow sapphires, blue topaz, and endless diamonds, according to Glamour

Hey, one supermodel's Fantasy Bra is another model's sports bra. 

Before her tidying montage, Ribeiro first fueled up by eating a plate of pasta.

How was she not afraid of getting tomato sauce on the diamonds? I guess when you're a supermodel you don't care about such things. 

She then carried some sandbags...

If you've ever carried a sandbag around before, then you know they're deceptively heavy. I imagine that bra isn't too comfortable, either, so bravo to Ribeiro! 

... she dusted the camera (what better way to ensure you'll look good on camera than to clean it yourself?)...

... and then she picked up EVEN MORE sandbags.

Seriously, how many sandbags were on that set? 

She also stopped to cool off in probably the most fabulously Victoria's Secret way possible.

It was only for a moment though, since she was quickly asked to resume helping. 

Ribeiro moved her OWN wardrobe racks, because sometimes you have to do stuff yourself.

If they made a Fantasy Bra that could withstand sweat stains, then that'd be great. 

Finally, she moved lights around to random locations.

All in a hard day's work. *throw gloves, but make it fashion*

It wasn't all work and no slay, since Ribeiro showed off the bra with some fierce poses.

That lighting! Those diamonds! That hair flip! Ribeiro can do it all. 

While you're procrastinating cleaning your room, check out Vogue's full video below.

If you're still missing a little runway magic, watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 20!