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Walmart or Walmarché?

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I've been shopping at Walmart basically since birth, so I was thrilled when the retailer dropped not one, but two stylish new lines for women. 

After all, Walmart isn't exactly known for trendy clothing, but these new lines could change all that. Retail insiders are dubbing the new look Walmarché, a play on Target's alias, Targét

Both of Walmart's new clothing lines are inclusive: Time and Tru is a straight-size line that goes up to a size 3XL, while Terra and Sky starts at 14W and goes up to 30W. The lines are also made to be interchangeable for women who are straight-size on top but plus-size on the bottom. 

After hearing this news, Kayla and I knew we had to try out the clothes. 

Watch a video review below and keep scrolling for outfit photos and a full review.

For Kayla, who is an XL in tops, a size 16/18 in pants, and a 14/16 in dresses, Walmart's mix and match options solve an oft overlooked problem. 

walmart plus-size clothes
photo: Revelist/Alexa D'Argenio

Meanwhile, as someone who doesn't want to splurge on spring items when the season comes and goes so quickly, I wanted to see if I could get cute looks for less. I'm a size medium in tops and sizes 8 to 10 in pants and dresses.

The first item Kayla tried on was a peasant dress in a size 1X (16W/18W) from the plus-size line, Terra and Sky. She was in LOVE with the fit. 

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Peasant dress ($16.84, Walmart

"I thought it was very true to size and very comfortable," she said. Plus, the length of the dress could help prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. "As a curvy woman, I don’t like to have to worry about my butt hanging out," she said. 

Kayla was challenged to go out of her comfort zone in the dress. 

"It was not my typical style, but I do like it for spring," she noted. "I also liked the print and color. It was very bohemian."

Thanks to the adjustable waist, you can wear this cinched or as a flowy shift dress. 

"I liked the adjustable tie waist because it made it more flattering," Kayla said. Not all plus-size women are an hourglass shape, so it's great that the dress allowed customers to wear it with or without the matching belt. 

At just under $17, Kayla thought the peasant dress was definitely a steal. 

"I feel like you could find something similar to this at Anthropologie and it would cost quadruple the price," Kayla said. Good quality and actually wearable? NICE. 

As someone who exclusively wears dark colors year-round, I really liked the print on this Time and Tru peasant dress. 

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Peasant dress ($16.48, Walmart

I'm always afraid to wear very bright colors during the springtime, so it was nice to have an item that I could potentially wear during other seasons. 

I tried the dress in a size medium (8/10), and it was definitely true-to-size. 

Like Kayla's dress, the Time and Tru peasant dress had an adjustable waist. Even though I'm a straight-size customer, I still appreciated that detail since not all women are the same silhouette.

Although I loved the color, the hemline fell in a weird way. 

The hemline seemed to go slightly up, which I wasn't prepared for! While Kayla felt comfortable with her Terra and Sky peasant dress' hemline, I would definitely need to be more conscious of the Time and Tru version. 

The detail on this dress was pretty impressive, too, considering the $16.48 price tag. 

From the tassels to the stretchy cuffs, the dress was both fierce and comfortable. I definitely could see myself going from wearing the dress with boots to work, and then dressing it up for a cocktail evening event with heels.

Kayla's next Terra and Sky dress was this dark wash T-shirt dress in a size 1X (16W/18W). 

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Shirt dress ($18.84, Walmart

Kayla liked the versatility of the dress, but had a difficult time with the sleeves. 

"They were too tight and difficult to roll back up once undone," she said.

Kayla did like the length of the shirt dress, although she didn't like how much it wrinkled.

Still, she was a fan of the $18.84 price, as well as the color — mixing and matching accessories wouldn't be a challenge. 

"I think the dark wash denim was a smart choice for this dress because it could be accessorized with almost anything," she said. "I would buy it if I didn’t have trouble with the sleeves!"

When I saw this Time and Tru jumpsuit, I was VERY excited to try it on. 

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Grey jumpsuit ($16.94, Walmart

I'm generally a fan of jumpsuits, but the details on Walmart's version in particular caught my eye. 

It had ROOMY pockets that I could keep my phone (or snacks) in. 

The ruffled neckline definitely made the jumpsuit stand out. Plus, I appreciated the adjustable straps! 

The jumpsuit is only about $17, which is also a major plus.

Overall, I felt very chic AND comfortable. However, if I was going to buy it, I would size down.

I tried a medium (size 8/10), and the waist was a little bit looser than I would've imagined. Also, the pants felt VERY long for someone who's five foot five inches — I'd be afraid to get the bottom of the jumpsuit dirty, so I'd probably need throw on some wedges if I was going to wear it.

Kayla decided to mix and match items from Time and Tru and Terra and Sky in this outfit. 

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Tie sleeve top ($15.44, Walmart

Kayla wore a size XL in the Time and Tru top and a size 18W in the jeans

Kayla thought the top was true-to-size in a size XL, but found the off-the-shoulder style challenging to wear. 

"It was kind of annoying to wear off-the-shoulder because it wouldn’t stay in place due to the elastic and the material," Kayla said. Thankfully, the top could be worn as a regular scoop neck, which Kayla favored. 

"It was very affordable, especially for the amount of detail."

The blouse, which is $15.44, had beautiful navy blue embroidery with tiny cutouts throughout. Since it's such a structured fabric, it was a wise design choice to make it slightly more breathable. 

When it came to the Terra and Sky distressed jeans, Kayla was in LOVE with the fit. 

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Floral printed jean ($21.92, Walmart

When Kayla tried the jeans in a size 18W, they didn't have the dreaded gap in the back!

As curvier girls know, jeans can usually cause a "gap" in the waistband, rather than being fitted throughout. So when Kayla saw that the jeans fit in the leg AND at the waistband, she was thrilled. 

Underneath the distressed detail, there was stretchy fabric for customers with curvier thighs. 

"The stretch made a big difference. I didn’t feel constrained at all!" Kayla noted. Finding jeans that give stretch and look fashionable is a challenge, especially in the plus-size market, so it's nice to see how the brand meshed fashion and function together. 

After looking at the $21.92 price, Kayla was ready to immediately buy the jeans, but the Walmart party train wasn't over yet. 

The next Time and Tru top that Kayla tried on was this T-shirt with a slanted ruffle in a size XL or 16/18. 

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Ruffle T-shirt ($10.94, Walmart

She found the top to be true-to-size. "It was very soft and loose," she noted.

Although she was skeptical of the ruffled design on the hanger, she ended up loving how it looked on her. 

"I wasn’t sure how flattering this would be, but I really liked the color," Kayla said. "After putting it on, I loved the way it looked. The ruffle is adorable." 

What was cool about the top was that the ruffles created a split-sleeve at the shoulders, which added an edge. 

Kayla was a fan of the $10.94 price, and could see herself wearing this ruffled top to a variety of places. 

"I would dress this up for work or wear it with jeans to hang out with friends," Kayla explained.

I tried a Time and Tru head-to-toe outfit, but I was pretty nervous to try on the off-the-shoulder top

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Flutter sleeve top ($12.87, Walmart

One of my biggest fashion fears is that an off-the-shoulder top will slip down. Thankfully, the top, which I tried in a medium, stayed put! 

Although my face didn't show it, I thought the sleeves were pretty cool. 

I thought the fabric would engulf me since it was so loose, but I actually liked the fit a lot. It was comfortable enough to the point where I could wear it all day and not be agitated by the elastic on the shoulders, but at the same time, it was fashionable enough that it didn't look like a plain T-shirt. 

I was quite surprised at the fit of these skinny jeans, which I tried in a size 8.

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Super skinny ankle jean ($16.94, Walmart

The jeans felt super soft, and weren't extremely tight (but still had the appearance of skinny jeans). If jeggings and jeans had a baby, then it would probably be these pants. 

Like Kayla, I usually have a gap in the back of my jeans. Magically, this pair didn't have it either! 

The only downside was that the front pocket was sewed shut.

Overall, I was relieved that I no longer have to go on extensive journeys to find the perfect jeans. 

The fact that I could get comfortable, well-fitting jeans for $16.94 instead of three to four times that price left me speechless. I immediately wanted to buy multiple! 

The final item I tried on was the Time and Tru denim shorts in a size 8. 

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Denim shorts ($13.86, Walmart

Everyone knows how tricky shorts can be. Shorts can often ride up in the middle, causing chafe city to happen. But thanks to the folded hemline, the shorts didn't really ride up. I liked the length of the shorts too, since they weren't booty shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Although I was afraid the waistband would either be too small or too big, it was surprisingly perfect.

I hate feeling like the waistband of my shorts is cutting into my organs, so I was thankful that didn't happen. There was just enough room to tuck in my shirt without it being uncomfortable. 

Spending about $14 on shorts I'll only wear a few months out of the year sounds reasonable. 

I'm willing to splurge on items that I'll regularly wear, but since it can snow well into the springtime months here in New York, I'm not really up to spending too much on shorts. If you're looking for basic shorts and don't mind distressed details, this pair is a good option. 

Finally, both Kayla and I tried on the Time and Tru sandals, in sizes 7 and 10 respectively. 

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Time and Tru sandal ($9.88, Walmart

I'm a fan of braided sandals in general so I was really excited to try them on, but we both had issues with fit at first. It was tight around our feet, and for Kayla, it was difficult to fasten initially. However, after breaking them in, they seemed to fit a lot better and we felt more positive about them.

Final thoughts: Having interchangeable lines at one store is a smart choice that we hope more brands will incorporate.  

walmart dresses new
photo: Alexa D'Argenio / Revelist

With the similarities in price, design, and quality between the two brands, straight-size and plus-size customers can have a more equal shopping experience. "It’s so smart to have both straight and plus sizes in one place, especially with a consistent aesthetic," Kayla said. "It was so easy to mix and match the brands and all of the clothing items were pretty true to size."

However, Kayla would've liked some of the pieces to be more trendy. "Moving forward, I think the brands should incorporate a larger variety of trends, maybe a little more aspects of current street style," Kayla said.

Still, this was a minor downside. Although this is just the beginning of these two brands, I'm already planning my fall wardrobe. The Walmart lines are definitely Revelist-approved.

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