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On the left side you can see my boobs in their natural state, and on the right they're slightly hoisted by the Vaunt It bra.

sneaky vaunt try-on
photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

I wore it for a total of 30 minutes under studio lights and the bra could not handle it. 

My boobs almost popped out during the photo session.

photo: Revelist/Marianne Espinosa

Up next was Brittany in an A cup.

sneaky vaunt try on
photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

B had the opposite problem — the cups covered her breasts so well they were nowhere to be seen. 

"This bra definitely lifts and perks up your boobs," said Brittany. "But as a woman with small boobs, I don't need much lifting."

sneaky vaunt try on
photo: Revelist/Jessica Torres

"The bra covered up the little cleavage I have! This is not designed for small boobs, nor is it designed for the summer (unless you don't sweat). Overall I'm not that impressed, but then again, I'm someone who lives in sports bras (or no bra at all)."

The last and final cup size to try out was the C cup. Nicola gave this one a go.

sneaky vaunt try on
photo: Revelist/ Brittany Fowler

"As someone who's never been into low-cut tops or cleavage in general, I honestly would not get much use out of this product, though I do see its merits," she noted.

sneaky vaunt try on
photo: Revelist/Brittany Fowler

"My main issue is that, like a lot of women, my breasts are neither super perky nor perfectly symmetrical — and this thing does not accommodate to that. The stick-free spaces where the nipples should go do not align with mine at all, so it sticks to me in some VERY uncomfortable places. And the second I begin sweating, the adhesive instantly starts wearing down and makes it hard to keep in place."

Overall, some of us saw *some* lifting effects in the first seconds after we put the bra on, but after that it was a complete fail.

sneaky vaunt try on
photo: Revelist/BrittanyFowler

Given a few minutes and a bead or two of sweat, the bra loses its enchantment. I believe it works in a 10-second Instagram video, but I swear if those videos were 20 seconds it would be a whole different story. 

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