wednesday addams
photo: Paramount Pictures

Wednesday Addams might as well have invented the little black dress. Goth queens and preppy girls alike have been obsessed with her look since the character debuted in a series of "New Yorker" cartoons a half-century ago — but it was Christina Ricci's incarnation of Wednesday in the '90s film adaptations that really made everyone fawn over that all-black aesthetic. 

No matter when and where she stands in time, one thing is always certain: Wednesday Addams and her all-black dresses are iconic. So, as an ode to everyone's favorite macabre princess, we've selected 21 spooky dresses inspired by her (only in black, of course). 

Shop every gorgeously goth piece below:


Perfect Polish Knit Dress in Black ($65, Modcloth)

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Everyone knows Wednesday usually rocks a black dress with a white collar, but this dress puts a new spin on her tried-and-true.

Lace Cut-Out Maxi Dress ($45, Forever21)

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This one might be more reminiscent of Morticia, but there is no doubt Wednesday would have grown up to rock a look just like her mother's.


Skull Dot Ruffle Hem Dress ($32, Hot Topic)

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A ruffled and polka-dotted dress might sound basic to a committed goth queen, but this one fuses cutesy and spooky with sneaky little skulls all over.


Curve Midi T-Shirt Dress With Drop Hem ($45, ASOS)

photo: ASOS
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Sometimes less is more, and that's exactly what you get with this midi dress. It's casual and comfortable for the goth girl on the go.


Icing On The Cape A-Line Dress in Dotted Black ($99, Modcloth)

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She's never actually been spotted in one, but we could totally see Wednesday rocking the hell out of a dramatic cape like this.


Clouds Above Chevron Cold Shoulder Dress ($9, Wet Seal)

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OK, so this pick isn't all black, but chevron stripes add something kooky to the mix, and we know that's what the Addams family is all about.


Bat Collar Dress by Rat Baby ($46, Inked Shop)

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A creepy bat pattern takes Wednesday's classic black dress/white collar combo to the next level.


Little Mistress Allover Cutwork Lace Midi Dress ($44, ASOS)

photo: ASOS
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Release your modern-day Wednesday with this mature spin on everyone's favorite goth-girl look.


Corduroy Bib Overall Dress ($35, H&M)

photo: H&M

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Be as unique as Wednesday by wearing a dress that's far from expected. This one looks mighty casual, but a frilled black blouse can amp it up.


Black Mesh Bell Sleeve Dress ($26, Torrid)

photo: Torrid
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If Wednesday ever had a special date, she'd wear this to it. As if the mesh detailing and sultry neckline weren't enough, the flowing bell sleeves on this number pack a major punch of romance.


Literally Dead Inside Coffin Dress ($58, Redbubble)

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If a "The Addams Family" reboot ever occurred, Wednesday would 100% wear this on her first day of school. Just imagine it with combat boots. *chef's kiss*


Abbie Eyelet Button-Down Dress ($89, Urban Outfitters)

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This one might be very flirty and girly for someone as hardcore as Wednesday, but it is still black. And everyone needs at least one little black dress that won't feel scorching in the summer sun.


Lace Dress ($46, Zara)

photo: Zara
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There isn't a damn thing about this number that doesn't scream "picnic in the cemetery." And that's a peak Wednesday Addams move.


1960s Style Mod Super Spy Black Dress ($57, Unique Vintage)

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"The Addams Family" made its on-screen debut back in 1964, so it's only fitting to showcase something true to that era, such as this glamorous, slim-cut dress.


Velvet Vibes Skater Dress in Black Glitter ($69, Modcloth)

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If you love Wednesday's all-black aesthetic but hate the idea of an itchy collar or high neckline, this one's for you.


Scuba Seamed Open Back Mini Prom Dress ($72, ASOS)

photo: ASOS
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Black dresses come in every variety, as we've proven so far. This bubbly scuba design will be a group hit on your next night out.


Black Strappy Jersey Skater Dress ($38, Torrid)

photo: Torrid

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Skater dresses can get really basic really fast, but this one has edgy shoulder straps that the entire Addams crew would swoon for.


Petitie Lace Trim Dress ($80, Topshop)

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Thanks to that lace, this pick has a Victorian we couldn't resist.


Edith Floral Applique Dress ($15, Wet Seal)

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A floral dress is anything but dainty when it's black. The detailing adds depth and character to this shockingly budget-friendly swisher.


Cozy Sequin Dress ($198, Nordstrom)

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We like to call this one "Wednesday Addams goes to a swanky New Year's Eve Party."


Button-Front Contrast Dress ($23, Forever21)

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Get as close as you can to the Wednesday Addams dress with an upgraded take that has short sleeves and buttons from neckline to hem.