You've heard of faking it until you make it, but what about dressing it until you feel it? That's the idea behind "dopamine dressing," a trend that's taken over a mass of this year's fall collections.

According to this trend, wearing bright colors can naturally boost your mood. Even if it fails to do that, at the very least it'll keep you from wearing the same three black sweaters and jeans all season. 

Either way, influencers are having fun with fashion's latest trend.

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to neons.

One look at the 21-year-old's wig collection will remind you that Kylie loves a color that pops.

Bright colors are a huge part of Slick Woods' undeniable charm.

The It model of the moment, Woods is living in her current spotlight unapologetically. She dares to be different, experimenting with color and texture constantly. Her signature gap-toothed smile shows that there's something to be said for dressing in your splashiest pieces.

Leave it to Victoria Beckham to make bright and bold patterns sophisticated.

She's often seen in simple, clean silhouettes, and it's refreshing to see the sunnier side of Posh Spice's closet.

Zendaya's modern style has always been served with a pop of color.

Zendaya is both honest and a risk taker. She speaks out passionately about the things that matter to her, so it only makes sense that some of that passion would shine through in her wardrobe.

Gabi Gregg unapologetically embraces bold colors.

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Gregg is a boss, and she makes her own style rules as such. You'll find colors as vibrant as she is in her closet and in her designs for Premme, the plus-size fashion retailer she cofounded.

J.Lo always brings the glow!

We've been watching Jenny From the Block live her best life for decades, and maybe that's why she's always sporting a smile with her never-drab wardrobe.

Camila Cabello brings the heat with sunny outfits for days.

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There's seldom an outfit that isn't accented by a flashy accessory in the "Havana" singer's closet.

Beyoncé sold us on brights during the "Lemonade" era, and we're never turning back. 

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From the moment we saw Beyoncé don a marigold yellow dress in the "Hold Up" video, we knew Bey looks her best in bold colors.

Lee Litumbe has been bringing bright colors to her African journey, and we're here for it.

Fashion influencer Litumbe has been traveling Africa solo and has done so in some of the most breathtaking looks we've ever seen.

Kala Riggins is living her best life in playful prints and bolder brights.

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This is just one of the many fearless and fun outfits Riggins has put together.

Neha Parulkar oozes positivity in this highlighter-yellow sundress.

One scroll through her Instagram and you'll see this body positivity blogger isn't just outfit inspo, but a living, breathing ray of sunshine ready to make you feel good about who you are.

Jessica Torres shines with spirited style and a no-shits-given attitude.

Torres won't apologize for being happy and loving her body in each and every color of the rainbow. Her summer feed has been fire and full of eye-catching outfits with kickass attitude.

The only thing that's more smiley than Blake Lively is her upbeat wardrobe.

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Lively has a style that would make Serena Van Der Woodsen herself neon green with envy! The bright colors match the star's sunny appeal.

Bethany Rutter was looking to bring the sunshine and she delivered.

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This bright outfit paired with a red lip is just one of many Rutter has worn that can help skyrocket your mood straight to happy. 

No one sparkles more than Anna O'Brien.

O'Brien's Insta features fabulous, flashy fashion and her personal philosophy of positivity. What a mood boost.