female cosplayers
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If there's one thing to know about the cosplay community, it's that there are no rules. You can dress as whatever character you want, regardless of skin color, gender, looks, or orientation. The whole point is to get creative. That's why LGBTQ cosplay weddings exist and hateful speech against skin color is slashed on the regular. 

Turns out, there are tons of female cosplayers dressing up as male characters on Instagram — which is not only super badass, but it also battles gender norms in the community.

Women are cosplaying popular male characters from movies, TV, and comics.

Who said Loki can only be a man?

These characters, such as Leonidas from "300," work perfectly as gender-neutral.

The Mad Hatter has no limits, especially when the makeup is this good.

A female Spider-Man is the most necessary.

After all, it makes sense that girls want to be the most iconic characters.

This is one GOOD rendition of Shiro.

Nothing is off limits — including Hagrid.

Batman & Robin needed an update, anyway.

John Constantine, too.

This is making me long for a new female "Captain America" movie.

Strike that pose, girl.

Reinhardt would be proud.

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