Yeezy shoes have always been a little bit avant-garde, but the latest shoes to release from Kanye West's brand have gone too far. 

Kim Kardashian recently shared an adorable image with her daughter Chicago, but no one could enjoy the photo because they were too distracted by the ridiculous shoes the reality star was wearing. The Wests' other daughter, North, was spotted wearing the Foam Runners, which look like a futuristic Croc, earlier this year. 

Fans were quick to roast Kardashian for wearing the funny footwear, and had some hilarious comparisons that are too accurate.  

Kardashian shared a supercute photo with her daughter Chicago, but all anyone could focus on were the atrocities on her feet. 

These new Yeezy sneakers (if you can even call them that) are truly horrendous. Kanye West's fashion brand recently debuted the avant-garde style to some criticism, but seeing them on someone's feet is a totally new look. Most of Kardashian's comments were about the interesting choice of footwear. 

Yeezy debuted the Foam Runner shoes on Instagram and wrote that they'd come out in 2020. 

Honestly, though, Yeezy can keep these ones. As if Crocs weren't bad enough, these sneakers are looking like a whole mess. Twitter couldn't help but roast the reality star for wearing the bizarre shoe, and had some pretty hilarious comparisons. 

Some people are comparing the shoes with holes to pasta strainers. 

Kardashian's entire 'fit was a little off-brand for the normally neutral celebrity. "I wanna be rich so I can wear pasta strainers yeezys, aluminum foil pants and a red dead redemption coat," one person tweeted. And someone else agreed, "... not pasta strainer yeezys."

One person got shady by pointing out that anyone complaining about the shoes probably wouldn't be able to afford them anyway. 

Yeezys are infamously expensive shoes, and even ridiculous pieces like these wannabe Crocs will probably have a sky-high price tag. "Everyone talking about her shoes can’t afford them," they tweeted. Someone else replied, "Wouldn't want them, not even for free."

The Wests must be stopped because these shoes are just too strange. 

One person zoomed in and shared a close-up look at the sneakers. They tweeted, "Stop them at all cost." The shoes almost look like bicycle helmets strapped to her feet. 

They're definitely nailing the futuristic vibe, if that's what we're going for here. 

Elon Musk recently debuted concept art and a prototype for his first Cybertruck and people were laughing at the ridiculous futuristic look. Now these shoes are getting the same treatment. One person wrote, "Those shoes look like Elon Musk’s next Cybercar." 

These shoes look more like a piece from an old LEGO set than anything I'd wear in public.

One person replied to Kim's photo on Twitter with a photo of a LEGO Transformer piece. And honestly, it's not all that far off. The cream color and holey design are spot-on. 

One person compared them with a laundry basket, and now I can't unsee it. 

Every household has that classic white, plastic laundry basket with the holes on the side, and these Yeezys must have been inspired by that. "Those the Laundry Basket 5s? Instant cop," someone joked in a reply. 

All I could see were the pods from Ridley Scott's Alien

Someone else saw the alien pods from Alien with Sigourney Weaver, and I'm so glad I wasn't alone. These shoes truly look out-of-this-world, and I don't know if that's a good thing. "I’m not a fashion icon nor am I an expert but I do love shoes! As comfy as I assume these are ....... they are reminiscent of the Alien pods I once saw in a movie and I hope to not see these become popular just because they’re designer," one person tweeted.