For months now, amazing indie beauty brand Storybook Cosmetics has been teasing its new, novel-themed liquid lipsticks to no end.

The internet has been dying to know when it can get its hands on these four new shades — and now we finally have answers.

The owners of Storybook have started packaging liquid lipsticks, which they say will be up for sale NEXT WEEK.

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The lipsticks will come in four shades priced at $14 each.

But keep in mind that Storybook's status as an independent brand means higher shipping prices — especially if you're buying internationally.

Each color is named after a genre of books: Fantasy, Romance, Horror, and Adventure.

They all look absolutely incredible.

Storybook hasn't given us an exact release date yet, but at least we know the lipsticks are coming REAL soon.

Good thing next week is just around the corner.

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