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Ali collaborated with a few female friends on the project, after seeing how much time they spent fending off thirsty dudes.

"I see it regularly," he wrote in a post for Medium. "Female friends sharing how dudes they barely know text them cringey pick-up lines, send pics of their junk, or ask for nude photos. One of my female friends recently showed me all the guys on Tinder asking for her number right after matching."

Ali, who also created "Botline Bling," a Drake bot, decided to invent a new chatbot.

He created it using a DIY bot-building platform, and then worked with his female friends to brainstorm all the "game" your average fuckboy might try to spit. Ali told Paper Mag he programmed responses for every prompt he could think of — and planned ahead for contingencies.

"There are cases where guys text in stuff that I haven't planned for. In those cases, it'll trigger a random response like 'oh really?' or just 'hmm. interesting. tell me more,'" he said. 

You can test out the bot by texting 1–626–GOODBYE (466–3293).

Even better, you can just pursue the gallery of conversations on their website, here.

Now get out there and enjoy your night, fuckboy-free.

photo: Giphy