Kids, like full-size humans, need a moderate amount of exercise in order to be healthy. But spin class probably wasn't what the experts had in mind for your toddler.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, tyke toymaker Fisher-Price revealed its latest product: a teeny-tiny stationary bike.

The "toy" is called the Think & Learn Smart Cycle, and it retails for $150.

Fisher-Price stationary bike
photo: Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price conducted surveys, and found that preschoolers watch about 19 hours of TV and other videos a week, and spend nearly 20% of their playtime using electronic devices. So I guess, why not make them move their feet while they do it?

(For reference, you can get an old-fashioned, non-stationary bike from Fisher-Price for about a third of the price that the Think & Learn Smart Cycle goes for.)

The bike hooks up to Bluetooth so its little rider can play ~*educational*~ games while they pedal.

Fisher-Price stationary bike
photo: Fisher-Price

The bike is only powered by pedaling, so Junior or Juniorette will have to move in order to play. I know, life is hard.

Maybe this is Fisher-Price's foray into the gamification of exercise, or the company's response to parents' concerns about childhood obesity or the dangers of letting your kids play outside (germs, strangers, etc.).

Whatever it is, parents and non-parents alike are disturbed by it.

Give five-year-old me a twig and a leaf and she's happy as a clam.

Even bike-related companies are weirded out by it.


Some, however, think it's a great idea — especially for kids who want to be like their SoulCycling mommies or daddies.

However, it's odd that a company that still writes advice articles that tote the benefits of outdoor play is moving forward with an *indoor* toy that takes the tablet out of a child's hands... and puts it on a hands-free, pedal-powered device.

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h/t Engadget