girl at airport makes sure the world is your oyster!

photo: Flickr/Ray_LAC

Summer is one of the most expensive times to travel, because that's when everyone wants to travel.

Students and teachers have three months off; office workers everywhere get three-day weekends around Memorial Day and Labor Day. So, airlines see fit to jack up the prices of airfare to compensate for the demand for *adventure*.

Fortunately, studied month-by-month airfare patterns across its site and was able to determine the cheapest days to travel every day this summer.

June 1 is the cheapest day to travel this month. Makes sense, since it's right after Memorial Day weekend.

The highest-priced flights are on Fridays and Mondays later in the month. That's typically around when most high schools let out for summer break.

Big surprise: Flying the Friday before the Fourth of July is no way to save.

CheapAir advises to book your flight the day of Independence Day. It's cheaper, and you'll still make it in time for fireworks!

August is actually a great time to travel, especially at the end of the month.

(Because that's right before Labor Day, when prices will shoot up again.)

It seems like every other day *except* the days around Labor Day weekend are pretty cheap to travel.

Take advantage of the best deals you find. There are lots of places around the country and the world to explore in September!

Head to to see the full range of dates and to book your summer getaway today!