In yet another strike against airline travel, a lawmaker is trying to make one major airline not only impose an age limit on flight attendants, but a weight one as well.

A lawmaker is trying to police the weight and age of EgyptAir's flight attendants.

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A union of Egyptian flight attendants said in a statement that Galila Othman, a lawmaker, requested that the civil aviation minister of Egypt be questioned in parliament over "the proper weight" of female EgyptAir flight attendants.

Othman told the Associated Press that there are "no standards."

"We need dress and weight codes," she said. "They shouldn't work until they are 50. We should move them to other jobs."

Don't cancel your flights just yet, though.

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Unionized workers called Othman's claims "discrimination against women," and asked that instead of "offending working people," she focuses on dealing with actual concerns.

Additionally, the only requirement listed for flight attendants is medical fitness, according to a statement from the union. There are no weight or age caps.

Not only are Othman's words shameful, they're downright misogynistic, ageist, and fat-phobic. 

The fact that Othman is imposing these rules for only female workers makes her statements sexist. Equally shameful are her words against women over 50 and plus-size workers, who, as long as they can perform the job required, shouldn't be discriminated against. 

And if Othman has a problem with any of the above, we suggest she use another mode of transportation — her attitude isn't wanted anywhere, especially in the skies.