toyota c-hr

Toyota's new C-HR.

photo: Courtesy Toyota

You know that electric buzz of elation you feel at the onset of a road trip or spontaneous adventure? It’s this fusion of feeling carefree – ready to take on whatever adventure the road will offer at the next bend – and an eagerness to drive into new territory and out of your comfort zone. You can feel the excitement flickering through your fingertips and making your heart flutter, your entire body vibrating with the anticipation of what’s to come in the hours, and miles, that lie ahead!

Toyota’s new C-HR delivers that incredible feeling every time you step inside and drive. Consider this sleek, attention-grabbing vehicle your intrepid co-conspirator that’s ready to make those spontaneous memories happen. Just like you, it’s nimble, energetic, and screams confidence, and allows you to fuel that thrill of being the one in your social circle who instigates the next daring escapade.

It’s Cutting Edge – Like You

With its precision-cut, diamond-like exterior styling, the C-HR is a real head-turner. It boasts precision-cut lines – like that of a precious gem that’s been carefully carved by a master lapidary – that make the design feel as effortless as it does powerful. You'll also love the vortex-inspired, sport-alloy wheels, which further enhance the car’s design while elevating every driving experience. Also noteworthy is the cantilevered, aerodynamic rear spoiler that throws a bit of attitude at every corner you turn. And yeah, Toyota understands that color matters, too, and offers the C-HR in unexpected colors such as Ruby Flare Pearl, Radiant Green Mica, and Blue Eclipse Metallic.

A Comfortable, Streamlined Interior

The C-HR’s interior is intuitive and further showcases the car’s signature diamond-inspired look and feel, right down to the leather-trimmed steering wheel and shift lever (the latter boasts a satin-plated shift knob that feels as good as it looks). You’ll love that the C-HR is equipped with an innovative touch-screen display, voice recognition and training, and Bluetooth technology so you can play your fave tunes safely. Thanks to the dual-zone automatic climate control system that allows the passenger and driver access to their own settings, everyone will be as comfy as Goldilocks.

Fully Equipped Safety Sense Features

If you’re not yet familiar with Toyota’s Safety Sense Features, it’s time to get acquainted. Its Standard Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection prevents collisions by alerting you when a pedestrian or vehicle gets too close, it automatically switches brights on and off so you don’t have to worry about it, and its Lane Departure Alert notifies you if you’re accidentally moving over the line (but remember – it can’t save you from getting into an accident if you’re distracted). Also, the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control intuitively adjusts speed based on other cars around you, making cruise control even easier than before.

An Unparalleled Driving Experience

It’s fun to talk about diamond exteriors and cozy interiors, but let’s dive into the driving experience. Remember that feeling of elation we talked about? This car elicits that buzz because of the way it’s been built. The Dynamic Force Engine provides both power and precision maneuvering, and the Continuously Variable Transmission and SACHS shock absorbers keep you gliding along. So, should you ever find yourself craving that “gotta drive away” buzz, know that you can always find a clever (and comfortable) way out with the C-HR. Bring your friends and double the pleasure – they’ll thank you for the ride!