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It's almost Turkey Day, so it's time to get in the family and cooking spirit. 

Whether you celebrate with friends, family, or not at all, these 10 Thanksgiving-themed moments in television and movies are a fun way to ring in the holiday season. With new streaming services popping up, this could be the last year to watch classic holiday episodes of Friends and The Office on Netflix.  

Find the perfect post-Thanksgiving meal movie or TV show on Netflix or Disney+ (for those with the new platform). 

Friends — season eight, episode nine "The One With the Rumor"

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In real life, this was the episode that sprung one of the greatest celebrity dramatic romances of all time: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. In the episode, Rachel (Aniston) and Brad Pitt's character, Will, hated each other. Friends has tons of great Thanksgiving episodes, but the chemistry between these two couldn't be beat. 

New Girl — season one episode six "Thanksgiving" 

"New Girl"
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A classic Thanksgiving feast gone wrong happens in this episode of New Girl. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) invites over her crush Paul (Justin Long), a new teacher at her school, and wants to impress him. After a grueling cooking session with Cece (Hannah Simone), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) burns the turkey after attempting to cook it in the dryer. 

That 70s Show — season one, episode nine "Thanksgiving" 

In this Thanksgiving episode, Laurie comes home from college and brings her roommate. Eric has a crush on his sister's hot new friend, which causes tension between he and Donna. Another Thanksgiving moment gone wrong is when Kitty forgets to pick up Red's mother from the airport and didn't realize it until they sat down at the table to eat. 

Master of None — season two, episode eight "Thanksgiving" 

"Master of None"
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In this Emmy Award–winning episode, Lena Waithe plays Denise, a childhood friend of Dev (Aziz Ansari). The episode shows various years of Denise's life and Thanksgiving Days, which led to her accepting her sexuality and coming out to her family. 

Gilmore Girls — season three, episode nine "A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving"

"Gilmore Girls"
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The Gilmore Girls bite off more than they can chew for Thanksgiving and have to visit four separate parties. By the end of the day, they're stuffed after partaking in each feast. This episode features almost every main character and a drunk Sookie (Melissa McCarthy).

Gossip Girl — season one, episode nine "Blair Waldorf Must Pie" 

"Gossip Girl"
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This is the first episode that shows insight into Blair and Serena's former friendship. Compared to this year, the two were a couple of peas in a pod. Unfortunately, the drama is still strong between the two at this point. But they come together for the holiday as old friends. 

The Office — season seven, episode nine "WUPHF.com"

"The Office"
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Dwight celebrates the Thanksgiving holidays with a hay-themed festival in the parking lot of the office building. Meanwhile, Michael and Ryan start brainstorming for Ryan's latest business idea, a social networking connection site. 

Eat Pray Love 

Julia Roberts plays a writer in desperate need of inspiration, so she takes a trip to three different countries to find good food, spirituality, and true love — all of which could be themes revolving around the Thanksgiving holiday. This would be a great movie to reflect on the year and celebrate the love surrounding your household. 

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

This family-friendly flick is all about food, obviously, so it's perfect for the gluttonous day. Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) is an inventor who comes up with a weather machine that produces food from the sky, and everything seems great until it starts malfunctioning. Flint and weather reporter Sam Sparks (Anna Faris) work together to get the town back in working order, saving them from the oversize cheeseburgers.  


A darker take on Thanksgiving, Krisha is the story about one woman's return home. The award-winning independent film is about an estranged family member trying to make amends, but struggling along the way.