'13 Reasons Why' 3 trailer
photo: Netflix

After the first season of 13 Reasons Why aired, many were horrified at the problematic and graphic depiction of suicide that occurred in the final episode. 

Since then a second equally problematic season aired that depicted a gruesome and graphic sexual assault scene. People assumed that surely the show couldn't continue on after that, but now it's been discovered that a third season will release on August 23, and a fourth and final season has already been renewed. 

The third season appears to be a murder mystery of sorts with the core cast trying to discover who killed the series' villain, Bryce Walker. Fans and critics of the show had plenty of reactions to the news and aired it out on Twitter. 

Are we getting a Pretty Little Liars reboot, or is this the next season of 13 Reasons Why

One person on Twitter shared an image directly from the third season's trailer and captioned it "Previously on Pretty Little Liars....  (#13ReasonsWhy)" because it looked exactly like a scene from PLL

I can practically hear the theme song now. Clay would obviously be Aria and lift his finger to shush the viewer dramatically. 

They knew what they were doing when they killed off Bryce Walker before the first episode even dropped. 

In many tweets it seemed as though fans had had enough with the show, but now that it's been revealed that Bryce is dead, they're ready for more. This season, however, is a murder mystery. 

"Me: I'm done with #13ReasonsWhy," the tweet begins. "Trailer: 'Bryce Walker died' and then a meme of a woman saying, "I'd like to see it" is an accurate reaction for this user. 

Let's not forget how controversial the prior two seasons of this show were, though. 

One critic of the show pointed out how Netflix is deliberately trying to veer away from the show's original message while remaining on air. 

"13 reasons why redirecting their entire narrative to a murder mystery in order to distance themselves from their terribly graphic and insensitive first 2 seasons is quite... interesting...," the tweet reads. 

Of course Twitter threads were filled with back-and-forth over whether this show is actually problematic. 

Someone tweeted that they were disappointed with the pushback the controversial series received, and another person replied, "Ok but there’s a way of advocating for mental illness and bullying that doesn’t romanticize it and graphically show scenes that aren’t necessary which is what the show does." 

Then the original poster responded, "They have warnings at the start of each episode for a reason and when there’s any graphic content there is a further warning that it’s 'for mature audiences, and for anyone who is struggling with mental illness it’s probably best to watch with an adult or a loved one.'"

True, the show has made attempts to rectify the errors of the first season by adding a disclosure at the beginning of each episode. Netflix also recently removed Hannah's suicide scene from the platform.

Many compare HBO's Euphoria to 13 Reasons Why, but the HBO series has been able to depict a raw, struggling teenage experience without being as triggering. 

One person on Twitter called out Netflix for its continuation of airing triggering suicide attempts. "Netflix: We’re soooooo so so sorry for that graphic suicide scene in 13 Reasons Why! We’ve definitely learned our lesson," the tweet reads. It continues, "Also Netflix, one week later: Yes there’s a suicide attempt in OITNB, surprise! But like she survived this one so it’s clearly different right??" 

Someone replied and pointed out the difference in the Netflix series with HBO's Euphoria, which also shows graphic and sometimes triggering visuals. "My kid and I were just talking about the cutting scene in Euphoria that didn't show cutting. Maybe they actually listened to warnings from mental health professionals, unlike Netflix producers/directors."

And the show won't stop after this. A fourth and final season has already been approved by the streaming network. 

Variety reported that a fourth season has already been confirmed and will be the show's last. The fourth season will depict the core cast's graduation from Liberty High and has already begun production. The outlet shared a statement from Netflix regarding the third season, which reportedly will not revolve around any suicide. 

"As we prepare to launch season three later this summer, we’ve been mindful about the ongoing debate around the show. So on the advice of medical experts, including Dr. Christine Moutier, Chief Medical Officer at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, we’ve decided with creator Brian Yorkey and the producers to edit the scene in which Hannah takes her own life from season one," the streaming service wrote. 

The third season of 13 Reasons Why will air on August 23 despite a negative reception for its prior seasons. 

Netflix has been quick to pull shows that have a slow start but a solid fanbase, like Tuca and Bertie. However, for some reason it has decided to keep 13 Reasons Why despite the pushback and negative reception. 

The third season is a shift from the first two seasons, which largely followed Hannah Baker's suicide and the aftermath. Now it's a murder mystery season with a website full of clues already up and running.