Do you have any brain cells left? If so, TLC is determined to kill whatever ones you haven't lost through the mind-numbing boredom of quarantine. They are bringing us another edition of their wildly successful, totally cringeworthy reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé, with a self-isolation twist.

That's right, 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined is coming to a television near you. It will feature your favorite international married couples and hapless singles looking for love around the globe. And it's arriving faster than you can say "K-1 visa."

Here's all the details on this train wreck.

90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined is TLC's COVID-19 spinoff edition of 90 Day Fiancé, reported Variety. The show will begin airing on April 20. It's a five-episode limited series, and the network is enlisting 50-plus members of the 90DF family to talk in front of their webcams, without the aid of producers. Let that sink in for a second.

Obviously, with so many 90DF franchises, there's no shortage of fan-favorite characters. Here are some of the notable Self-Quarantined participants.

Caesar (Jacksonville, NC) 

Caesar, who appeared on the third season of Before the 90 Days, is a nail technician who was famously catfished by his girlfriend Maria in Ukraine. He spent thousands of dollars on a getaway to Mexico, only for Maria to stand him up at the resort. At least he got to hang out at the beach.

Darcey (Middletown, CT)

I am wholeheartedly #TeamDarcey. She's my favorite reality TV show personality ever, and I watch a lot of reality TV. She just wants a man to get down on one knee for her, but her awful foreign exes should be on the no-fly zone. Justice for this queen!

Colt and Debbie (Las Vegas, NV)

Colt had never moved out of his mother Debbie's house — a huge source of conflict with his ex-fiancée, Larissa, who was from Brazil. After their relationship imploded spectacularly on national TV, Colt still lives with his mom. Did I mention that he's 34?

Danielle (Sandusky, OH)

Danielle!!! She's one of 90DF's most memorable cast members, and you know something? I want Danielle to succeed. I want her to find love. Her marriage to Mohammed (who's from Tunisia) was such an incredible mess, and she deserves some love in her life. We all do.

Benjamin (Phoenix, AZ) and Akinyi (Kenya)

This couple is another favorite. All things considered, their relationship seemed a lot more stable than some others — and since they'll be on Self-Quarantined together, we can assume that they're still married and in love.

Chantel (Atlanta, GA) and Pedro (Dominican Republic)

Obviously, TLC had to include Chantel and Pedro. Their family feuds were so popular that they got their own spinoff show, The Family Chantel, and remain the most beloved couple on the 90DF franchise. If you could call them "beloved."