On Sunday evening, it was announced ABC had stopped filming the upcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise" due to alleged sexual misconduct that occurred on set.

ABC recently started filming the show's fourth season in Mexico, but production was halted after the "misconduct" came to light.

ABC Bachelor in Paradise cancelled
photo: Twitter

The new season of "Bachelor In Paradise" was set to premiere on August 8.

According to TMZ, the alleged misconduct involves a sexual encounter between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios.

Bachelor in Paradise cancelled
photo: ABC

A field producer filed a complaint after the first day of filming wrapped, claiming that Jackson (who recently appeared on Rachel Lindsay's season of "The Bachelorette") made sexual advances toward Olympios, even though she was extremely intoxicated and had no ability to consent.

Upon learning producers had let the hookup play out on film, despite concerns that Olympios was intoxicated, Warner Bros called to immediately halt production.

One source told ET that a third party felt "uncomfortable" by the entire situation. 

ABC ultimately decided to dismiss both Olympios and Jackson, and the network is now launching an investigation into the night's events.

It's unclear if filming will resume after the investigation comes to a close. All contestants have been sent home in the meantime. 

Bachelor Nation is currently devastated.

Bachelor In Paradise cancelled
photo: Twitter
Bachelor In Paradise cancelled
photo: Twitter

Neither Jackson or Olympios have released official statements regarding alleged misconduct.

But Warner Bros. assured fans more information will be released following the investigation.