The Super Bowl was last night, but not everyone was crazy about it. The game was one of the most boring in history and was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl game in NFL history. The halftime show only added to the overall mood, but fans were a little confused about where Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine got his outfit and who approved it. 

The tank top he wore for part of the performance looked like something you'd find on your family's sofa. And many people did. Fans across the internet shared pictures of their couch cushions and curtains held up against Levine's shirt, and the resemblance had them laughing out loud.

Maroon 5 performed at the Super Bowl, but almost no one cared. 

After the NFL struggled to find acts to perform at the Super Bowl, Maroon 5 signed up along with rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi. It doesn't look like all the effort was worth it, because fans didn't like the performance. 

Viewers couldn't shake just how boring and "safe" the performance was.

Fans thought the show was boring and that the band played it too safe.

But Adam Levine's shirt got people's attention more than the songs themselves.

Levine's shirt reminded a lot of people of their pillows, curtains, and even chairs. The tank top had multiple shades of brown with with overlapping squares reminiscent of '70s homeware. It honestly looked like something you'd find in a hotel lobby. Fans didn't waste time roasting him for it. 

Everyone definitely took advantage of the opportunity to call Levine out on whatever his shirt was supposed to be. 

People who watched took the time to compare Levine's shirt to items from all over their homes. It's surprisingly a common pattern in older homeware. Why he chose to cut it out of his hotel room's curtains and wear it for the show is beyond me. 

This person's curtains are almost an exact match. 

This set of curtains is almost an exact match to Levine's tank top. It made this fan laugh and be a little happier that they didn't spend thousands of dollars on tickets to see the band live.  

And then he just took the shirt off, and the roasting intensified.

It was pretty disturbing to watch, but Levine took his shirt off and threw it into the crowd. He does the same with a piece of his jewelry and gyrates around the stage. If the performance was bad, this only made it worse.

Viewers at home pleaded Levine to just please, PLEASE put a shirt back on.

It seemed like some fans would have been happier with Levine's hotel-gift-shop-inspired outfit, because as soon as he took his shirt off, memes about his nipples came to life. Some fans are saying this is a sign of a huge double standard after Janet Jackson's 2004 nip-slip.

Janet Jackson had her chest exposed at the Super Bowl back in '04, and it almost ended her career. 

At the 2004 halftime show, Janet Jackson performed with Justin Timberlake. At the end of their performance, JT ripped off part of Jackson's top, exposing one of her nipples. This literally changed censorship laws as we know them for live television.

Fans felt her apology for what is now known as "Nipplegate" was forced.

After the wardrobe malfunction that became known as "Nipplegate," Jackson was forced to apologize for the whole thing. So not only did she take all the blame, but she also had all of the consequences as if Timberlake had no part in the performance.  

And watching Levine take his shirt off reminded fans of the hypocrisy in two performances. 

When Jackson's nipple was exposed, she was asked to apologize, she was banned from the Super Bowl, and her music was even blacklisted on several platforms. This all happened over a nipple. Seriously.

This year's halftime show was already difficult to produce because few artists wanted to perform, thanks to the NFL's stance on Colin Kaepernick's peaceful anti-racism protests.

In solidarity with Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter movement, many artists who were asked to perform at the Super Bowl this year declined. Cardi B said that she had a difficult time deciding if she should perform, but ultimately decided not to because "he's standing up for minorities." However, she did perform at a preshow with Bruno Mars. 

Gladys Knight got backlash for performing the national anthem before kickoff.

Knight chose to perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl, but wasn't afraid of the backlash she received. She defended herself by saying she's been a civil rights activist for years and thought singing the anthem would help bring people together. 

Franky, the most exciting part of the Super Bowl halftime performance was the five-second SpongeBob cameo.

There were a few hints people might get to see a performance from SpongeBob this year. The creator of the show, Stephen Hillenburg, died last year, and there was a petition to have the song "Sweet Victory" performed by the band. 

But it turned out to just be a clip on Squidward introducing Travis Scott. 

This is nothing against Travis Scott. It's just that he can't bring the nostalgia we all wanted to experience during this show. Instead of SpongeBob playing the song, a short clip of the episode "Sweet Victory" was shown to introduce Scott. 

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