Ryan Murphy just shared the first teaser for American Horror Story season 10, and it has fans rejoicing.

Not only are fan-favorite stars like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters returning, but newbies like Macaulay Culkin are joining the cast. Plus, the horror series has been renewed for three more seasons, so there is plenty more of scary content to be had.

The previous season of AHS was a total hit, and fans are even more excited for the upcoming one after hearing who will be starring.

Ryan Murphy posted the first teaser for the 10th season of AHS

Murphy's teaser was a cast reveal set behind a dreary beach background. The ocean waves lap the shore as "Dead of Night" by Orville Peck plays in the background. The entire cast was revealed and then "American Horror Story: Season 10" was written in the classic black font against a white background. 

Angelica Ross, one of the recurring stars of the series, was excited to share the news that the show had been renewed. 

Many thought season 10 would be the last of the horror anthology, but luckily there is even more to come! In fact there are at least three more seasons, according to FX. Ross tweeted, "Did you hear the news?  @AHSFX has been renewed for THREE more season at @FXNetworks."

Fans were thrilled to find out that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters were returning.

It seemed like Paulson and Peters had hit the end of their rope with AHS, and weren't going to star in any further seasons. But it's now been revealed that they are back. Other fan-favorite stars like Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock, Kathy Bates, and more are set to appear as well. 

Plus, Macaulay Culkin is joining the cast, and he totally fits the vibe of the show. 

Culkin is set to join the cast for season 10 and it has fans wondering why he didn't join in earlier. The Home Alone star is all grown up now and isn't the sweet little kid from a Christmas movie anymore. Now, Culkin could totally pull off playing the serial killer of the show.

Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman, and Billie Lourd got together to celebrate the announcement. 

One fan account snagged a screenshot of the girls celebrating together. Paulson, Grossman, and Lourd all have played recurring leads on Murphy's horror series. "Two aunts take their niece out for a good time," Grossman wrote in her Instagram story.

Sadly, it looks like Emma Roberts and Cody Fern will not be returning.

While it hasn't been confirmed yet, Emma Roberts and Cody Fern's names were missing from Murphy's post. The lineup seemed to reveal the entire cast, and these two significant actors were missing. Fans are already heartbroken that they won't see them again.

Fans are already theorizing about season 10. 

If this season follows suit with previous ones, then we can expect the tenth season to arrive in either September or October 2020. Many eagle-eyed viewers of AHS: 1984 were on the lookout for foreshadowing clues as to what season 10 could be about. So far the only confirmed clue is the oceanic background in Murphy's cast announcement.