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Earlier this month in anticipation of Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” Jimmy Fallon admitted on air that he’d started watching the original series for the first time and shared his favorite non-Gilmore characters: Taylor (Michael Winters), Luke (Scott Patterson), Kirk (Sean Gunn), and Paris (Liza Weil). 

It soon became such a popular game within the fandom that #GilmoreGirlsTop4 trended on Twitter.

Now that “A Year in the Life” is currently consuming OUR lives, Rory Gilmore herself, Alexis Bledel, has weighed in — and her top four has some, uh, really deep cuts..

There are no "bad" bad “Gilmore Girls” characters (except Rune, fight me), but you’ve got to admit, Bledel’s list of favorites is pretty dang weird: it consists of Caesar (Aris Alvarado), Babette (Sally Struthers), Miss Patty (Liz Torres), and Kirk (Sean Gunn).

Her reasoning was that Caesar was probably the most competent person on the show because he was always running the diner when Luke was away; that Kirk is just Kirk; and that actors Struthers and Torres were the most fun to hang out with on set, having worked together on "All In The Family" previously.

““They were on the show for years and years, so every time they were on set they would get together and sing show tunes,” she told Fallon. “It was such a raucous day on set every time they were there, so I have to appreciate them.”

Listen, Alexis, hun. I love Miss Patty and Babbette too, but the question wasn’t “which four actors did you enjoy performing with the most?”, it was which are the four best characters in “Gilmore Girls” that are not played by you. And as much as everyone is entitled to their own opinion or whatever, if Paris Geller is not on your list then you’re simply wrong and there’s nothing more to say about it.

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And Caesar? Really? 

Don't get me wrong, he seems like a nice person, but you'd pick Caesar over Luke or Taylor or Sookie or Michel? Why does Michel never get any love from anybody? He deserves it. He's great with kids now, apparently!

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Who's in your #GilmoreGirlsTop4, in addition to Paris and Michel because those are the rules? Let us know in the comments below!