It's about a school.

photo: FX

This one seems most likely right now, since Murphy told the crowd at PaleyFest this past March that his creative team was influenced by children for Season 6. Also, there was a throwaway reference to the Thatcher School during "Hotel," which seemed more than a little random at the time ... and wouldn't a boarding school run by crazies like Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, and Cheyenne Jackson (who have all, in one way or another, hinted at or confirmed their involvement) just scream "AHS?" 


It's about Satanists.

Season 6. Logo "6." Why not add a third 6 and make it the Number of the Beast from the Book of Revelation?! I can think of no more fitting group of humans to feature in Season 6 than Satanists — and if it's Satanic children at a boarding school, all the better.


It's about opera.

Besides children, Murphy said his number one inspiration for this season was opera. He didn't necessarily mean that the season would take place at the opera — it would be a little strange to do a theatrical season right after the Hollywood-obsessed "Hotel" — but it's definitely a possibility. The other possibility is that he meant this season will involve singing, which, shudder.


It's about 1966. (Or just, you know, the '60s.)

photo: Nickelodeon

I'm a little on the nose, here, but since "Asylum" was easily the show's best season, and it was set in the '60s, maybe "AHS" is headed back to a time period rife with sex, drugs, war, and political strife? I mean, 1966 was the year of the acid tests, so. People probably thought they were singing opera while they were high out of their minds during that year. It's all coming together, now.


It's about a quiz show.

photo: Warner Bros.

I mean, the question mark is probably just to tease us that we still don't know anything about the season. However, it could also be a hint, you never know! Maybe it's about a quiz show? Or specifically, the quiz show scandals of the 1950s, as dramatized in the movie "Quiz Show?" 

Look, at this point, "AHS" can make anything scary.


It's about nothing. They're scrambling.

Lady Gaga has said nothing about her potential return. Throughout the "X-Men: Apocalypse" press tour, Evan Peters repeatedly affirmed that he has no clue what this year's "AHS" will be about, even though filming supposedly was set to begin on June 7. Maybe Murphy got too busy perfecting Paulson's "People v. O.J." wig and/or dealing with Jessica Lange on "Feud" and he forgot all about coming up with a theme for "AHS," so now they're scrambling. Yikes.

Either way, we'll be here watching.