photo: Rocksteady Games / FX

On July 19, Telltale Games — a company you might know for their brutal adventure games based on your favorite franchises, like "The Walking Dead," "Game of Thrones," and even "Minecraft" — posted a trailer for their highly anticipated "Batman" game. It looks like your standard Bat-fare featuring all of your favorite heroes and villains, like Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, Catwoman, Alfred Pennyworth, and even reporter Vicki Vale.

But there's something oddly familiar about its version of Bruce Wayne.

It's not that he's played by voice actor Troy Baker, though that dude has been in a lot of video games. No, it's something else ...

Is it that he looks exactly like Sterling Archer from the FX series "Archer?"

photo: Telltale Games / FX

Yeah, you know what? I'm pretty sure that's it. 

When you think about it, appearances are not where the similarities end.

Archer gets compared a lot to James Bond, and with good reason — as a spy working with the "International Secret Intelligence Service" (yes, they did change that name recently as a matter of fact), his entire existence is a parody of Bond movies. But when you think about it, the dude has just as much in common with the Caped Crusader, if not moreso. Let's break it down:

They both have overworked butler companions.

photo: Warner Bros. / FX

They both have a reputation for being skeevy billionaire playboys.

photo: DC Comics / FX

They both live in a generically vintage-looking city that might be the '60s but also might be the '80s and is definitely very fashion-conscious.

photo: Warner Bros. / FX

Everyone's wearing suits, like, all the time. It's real classy.

They share a fondness for the color black, and all of its various shades.

photo: Warner Bros.
photo: FX

Their moms have similar taste in fashion (and also inform their current psychological state).

photo: Legenday Pictures / FX

Mallory, Martha, close enough. 

They probably both need to stop celebrating “Bring Your Children To Work” day.

photo: Warner Bros.

(Seamus isn't actually Archer's son, but you get the idea.)

As of "Batman v. Superman," they're both really into guns.

photo: Warner Bros. / FX

Honestly, Archer might as well admit he and Batman are the same person at this point.

I mean, you know, aside from their personalities and their levels of competency and the fact that Archer is clearly more of a Superman fan. Other than all that.