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The Archie Comics has inspired multiple television series such as Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the upcoming Katy Keene

Because these shows exist within the same universe, crossovers are inevitable and they've already happened. A Riverdale lead, Josie (Ashleigh Murray), jumped ship and completely swapped shows while a minor Riverdale character made an appearance in Sabrina's second season. 

Aside from the thrilling plot twists, the shows' romances are what keep fans hooked. In the newest issue of the Archie Comics, an unexpected relationship is budding and could inspire an epic crossover event in either of the already existing Archie-verse series. 

The upcoming issue details how Archie and Sabrina started dating.

Back in November, Archie and Sabrina were revealed to have started dating in issue number 700 of the comic book series. According to Entertainment Weekly, the two have been keeping their relationship a secret from their friends in Riverdale and Sabrina's neighboring hometown of Greendale. 

The first of five comics in a spin-off series that released on Wednesday, June 12, details how the two met and the events of their secret summer relationship. 

We know that Archie and Sabrina exist in the same universe in the TV series based on this minor Riverdale character's appearance on the Netflix show. 

Ben Button made an appearance as a pizza delivery boy in the first season of the Sabrina series. Fans thought Button was done for in an early season three episode when he threw himself out of a hospital window after a game of Griffins & Gargoyles went wrong. 

Moses Thiessen (Ben Button) told Cosmopolitan what he knew about the mini-crossover event. The magazine asked Thiessen about the timeline of the two shows and whether or not they exist in the same universe. "When I went in, I asked that question and just got back that they’re leaving it up in the air," he told the magazine. "At this point, if there are two different universes, like some other shows on The CW, then maybe they are happening at the same time but just different places. But it also could be that Sabrina happened before." 

The idea of another relationship blooming in either series seems like too much to take on right now. 

Sabrina is already stuck in a love triangle between her former beau Harvey and a potential new love interest, Nick. 

"I love you, Spellman. You taught me how to love," the warlock Nick told Sabrina in the second season before he tragically sacrificed himself for the young witch. While it's unclear if Nick is gone for good, the season ended with Sabrina and her gang of friends (including her ex-boyfriend Harvey) plotting to recover him from hell. 

The creator of the Riverdale and Sabrina series, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, spoke to E! News about Sabrina's boyfriend situation, "I will say genuinely, in Sabrina, I am really torn because I love Sabrina and Harvey together, but I'm really intrigued by Nick and Sabrina being together... I really like that they're so different. I hope that Harvey and Sabrina have a chance. I mean they're definitely endgame in the comics. Yeah, their story is not quite done, I wouldn't say." 

For now, Sabrina is tangled up in her own romances on the show. And her summer fling with Archie feels somewhat out of the question. 

Fan-favorite couple Veronica and Archie are also rekindling their own relationship. 

While Sabrina works through her feelings in the Archie Comics series, Veronica and Archie are working through their own love triangle. 

The end of the third season revealed that Archie and Veronica came back together after dabbling in other relationships with Josie and Reggie, respectively. The Riverdale Twitter account shared this sweet kissing clip from the finale and wrote, "They never stopped loving each other." 

Things also get pretty twisted in the comic book series about Archie and Sabrina when he (SPOILER ALERT!) professes his love for Cheryl Blossom, another Riverdale character.

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Not only is a Sabrina and Riverdale crossover happening in the new comic book series, but a Bachelor reference is a prominent plot point. Desperate to discover Archie's new love interest, Betty and Veronica enlist Cheryl to host a Bachelor-esque show in town and cast Archie as the lead role. 

In the end, Archie tells Cheryl that he is in love with her, but it seems like a way for him to get the gaggle of girls off his new relationship's trail. 

"Archie found himself drafted into a local bachelor contest organized by Cheryl Blossom," the comic book reads. "But orchestrated by Betty and Veronica."

Archie reveals he's actually in love with Cheryl, and she rushes him offstage to discuss the implications of his statement privately. 

Likely the Cheryl/Archie romance was a diversion, plus Cheryl and Toni are pretty much "endgame." 

The most steady couple on Riverdale at the end of season three was Cheryl and Toni. The two escaped the Farm and finally had a moment of peace together, whereas the core four's final moment in season three suggested something more dire. 

The comics moment between Cheryl and Archie is likely just a diversion from the girls' interest in his new secret relationship with Sabrina. 

Additionally, the season finale of Riverdale *does* suggest that Archie needs to explore a relationship outside of the cursed town. 

In the epilogue moment of the season three finale, it appeared that the core four need to separate after witnessing or committing an unspeakable crime. Perhaps this is Archie's chance to explore the town across the river and meet the young witch.  

Aguirre-Sacasa did say that he wants a season that brings the four leads back together, though. If the series' writers have any interest in exploring the new comic book relationship, odds are it's still pretty far off. At the very least, fans of the shows have pretty big hints that neither Riverdale nor the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be going away anytime soon.