Supermodel Ashley Graham wants to know:
If you saw a woman being brutally fat-shamed by her boyfriend's parents in public, what would you do?
Ashley Graham on "What Would You Do"
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Graham recently appeared on ABC's situational series "What Would You Do?" — a show that hires actors to create fake "dilemmas" and then uses hidden cameras to observe bystanders' reactions.

For her episode, Graham played the role of a woman meeting her boyfriend's parents for the first time. The boyfriend chose to introduce her to his mother and father (both actors) at a busy restaurant — and it did not go smoothly. 

On the show, Graham was body shamed by two disapproving parents who didn't want their son to have a "huge" girlfriend.

Upon seeing Graham, the parents immediately fat-shamed her.

"Wow, we were just expecting someone a little different than you," the mother remarked.

"What do you mean?" Graham asked.   

"You're a big girl," she coldly replied.

The boyfriend tried to explain to his parents that her size didn't matter.

"I'm happy. That's all that matters," he insisted.

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But instead of listening to their son, the parents caused a scene.

"I can't get over it. I can't accept it," the mother shouted as she left the table, catching the attention of two nearby women. "You're too big for my son."

"Let us know when you meet somebody else," the dad added, before following his wife out the door.

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As the parents stormed off, Graham turned her head to gauge diners' reactions.

Much to her relief, the women sitting at the table next to them were shocked, horrified, and confused by what they had just witnessed. 

"I'm sorry they did that to you," they remarked before offering Graham hugs. "It was mean!"

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Even though the parents' meltdown was staged, the women's heartfelt words brought Graham to tears.

"This is a situation I've been in before," Graham told them. "And it's never OK." 

Watch the intense scene in the video below: